10 People To Follow on Periscope

Are you using Periscope? But not sure what people to follow on Periscope?

Periscope is a live streaming service, available on your iPhone or Android device.  It allows you People To Follow On Periscopeto stream live to your followers – and anyone on Periscope. It is rapidly becoming a huge social media channel, with a reported 7.2 million users.

You can download the app to get started if you aren’t already using Periscope.

Then you will want to start following people. But with so many people out there who are the people to follow on periscope? Here are my recommendations to get a feel for the type of broadcasts you can watch to learn about online marketing:

10 People To Follow on Periscope

Katie Lance

Social media consultant and speaker. Contributor @HuffingtonPost #GetSocialSmart 📲 KatieLance.com

Jay Howard

Broadcasting my Periscope daily show #LiveWithJay every evening! Los Angeles.

Australia WOW

7.45am Sydney | 10.45pm London | 2.45 Los Angeles – HARDCORE Marketing Advice NSFW. Really.

Brian Fanzo

I Talk Fast & Tweet Faster | Social Technology & Change Evangelist | Millennial Speaker | Proud Dad 3girls | Podcaster | http://www.isocialfanz.com

Kim Garst

Daily Scopes on Social Media and Business tips and tricks #BeYOU http://www.kimgarst.com/blog

Bear Bangs

👨 Single Dad Teaching My Kids Entrepreneurship 🎉 #Weight Loss Warrior 🚴 #Coach 🏁 #Prosperity Coach 💰Financial Freedom Fighter 👨 All-Around OK Guy 👍

Robert C Stern

Founder ♦️ The Social Leader. Help businesses grow with the use of Social Media.

Todd Falcone

Entrepreneur, Coach and Trainer in the Network Marketing Profession

Grant Cardone

Daily Scopes on Money, Business, Start Ups, Real Estate, Sales, and Inspiration, No Bullshit for Entrepreneurs – Bring your questions?

Chris Sacca

Investor in Twitter, Uber, Instagram, Kickstarter & other startups.

Okay, I should have made this list the top 11 people to follow on Periscope. Here is my Periscope name: @tomleonard.

Once you start using the service, you will quickly find your own list of people to follow on Periscope. And discovery is part of the fun.

Two more pieces of advice on using Periscope

  1. Start watching a ton of Periscope broadcasts. That is the best way to learn who appeals to you. And who is adding value and not just pitching their products.
  2. Start broadcasting. If you are already doing video, this will be easy. If you feel a bit uncomfortable at first, that is normal. The best way to become a Periscope pro is to just dive in.


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