10 Questions Every Email Marketer Should Ask Themselves

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Marketing never stays in place. It’s not “set it and forget it”. Even if you have a beautiful marketing automation campaign set up, you still need to check in on it from time to time. It needs to be questioned, tested and improved. Some parts may even need to be retired.

To help you assess where your email marketing is and where it needs to go, here are ten simple questions to ask yourself. Pull out this list about once a quarter – the answers you get will show you the best way to focus your energy and time.


1. How much is email marketing contributing to my overall business?

Let’s start with a broad view question first. As much as we love email, we don’t believe it should be the only marketing tactic you use. There’s also social, SEO, advertising, direct mail, outdoor and more.

What’s more, marketing is only one slice of a larger pie when you think about the totality of your business. All those other areas – accounting, le…

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