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Email Marketing for Network Marketers

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email marketing

Email is one of the oldest forms of digital marketing and continues to be one of the most powerful. For network marketers it can be the backbone of a successful marketing program.

Email Marketing

I was around when email marketing was just starting out. I went to work at Netscape (yes, they once had the most popular browser out there – by far) when they had a list of 6 million email addresses. The realized this was a valuable asset and wanted me to start figuring out how to turn it into a direct marketing advertising platform. This was even before spam had been invented.

The same concepts that had proven incredibly powerful for direct postal email could now be applied to email marketing. Over time the popularity of email marketing has continued to grow. Savvy marketers know the value of their list.

For network marketers it is vital to devise ways to build their email marketing list. Everyone has an email address but they aren’t eager to part with it. And for good reason. So to make a fair trade a network marketer has to give up something of value in return. Just inviting a site visitor to “Sign Up For Our Newsletter” doesn’t cut it. They right ask themselves, “What’s in it for me?”

An online marketer can always find something of value to offer to a potential subscriber such as:

  • special offers or discounts
  • detailed marketing information
  • an invitation to a valuable webinar presentation
  • unique advice not available anywhere else
  • the ability to establish an online relationship with an established marketing celebrity
  • a specially written ebook
  • access to gated video content

If you think about the audience you want to attract and create the right valuable content you will be able to start building your list.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Once you have a list building program in place you will want to create a sequence of emails to sell your products or services. The best way is to set up a drip campaign. This is a series of carefully written emails on a proven distribution schedule. Some of your messages will be informational and others more hard-selling. And all will have a call to action.

The key to success for your email marketing program will be testing. You will have the tools to establish the ability to test:

  • offer
  • creative
  • message
  • subject line
  • length
  • timing
  • call to action

Don’t just test just to learn one thing, but set up a long term sequence of tests where you can learn the best program for your business. Never set up a test unless it will provide you with valuable information you can then use on future email campaigns.

Learn From Others

Direct marketing has always used the concept of learning from what others are doing. Subscribe to emails from programs you admire. See what they are doing. Chances are they are doing it because it works. See what you can use in your own email marketing campaign.

Click here to sign up for our email program and see if we are doing what we are suggesting.

Let us know how you are doing and give our readers suggestions on what is working for you in the comments below.

Have fun and good luck with your email marketing program.

Avoiding Facebook Jail

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Facebook Jail

Facebook Jail – How to Avoid It

Ask any network marketing professional about Facebook Jail. There is a good chance they have seen the inside. And it isn’t pretty.

Facebook Jail

If you aren’t familiar with the term, it is where Facebook sends you when have broken the rules marketing on Facebook. Think of it as a time-out. For grown ups.

As a beginning network marketer – or a seasoned veteran starting out on social media – Facebook is insanely appealing. There are hundreds and hundreds of millions of users. So some are going to be interested in your products or services, right? But how do you find them?

Starting out you have Facebook friends. And a few people you didn’t want to friend but just follow to hear what they have to say. Then there are Facebook Groups and Facebook Fan Pages – some by individuals and others by brands. So many options for people to engage on the number one social media platform.

Because you are wary of Facebook Jail, the first thing you ask is “where is the rule book?” There is plenty of documentation on Facebook to give you the official guidelines. Always check them out. But a lot of the rules are unwritten. And most people learn about them the hard way. By doing time.

Here is my experience on how to avoid Facebook Jail:

  1. In general, act like a normal person and not like a bot. So take your time engaging on Facebook at the speed a regular person would.
  2. Use third party tools sparingly and from reputable sources. There are many services that will schedule posts and updates (Hootsuite, Buffer, etc.) but never sign up for one that no one has heard of before and risk it. Ask for recommendations.
  3. Don’t friend too many people at once. That is a sign that you are just spamming Facebook to build up your friend list (or maybe they don’t like people who act desperate).
  4. Don’t schedule too many posts at once. Make sure, even if using the internal Facebook Scheduler, that there aren’t too many posts showing up at once. Space them out.
  5. Don’t spam links to groups. Some groups are designed for this but most frown on people jamming their business opportunity links all over a group. Be considerate here.
  6. Don’t request friends unless you know them or feel comfortable that they won’t report you. One of the quickest trips to Facebook Jail will be because someone reported your friend request as spam.
  7. Best of all, learn from others that have done time. Everyone that has been in Facebook Jail has a story to tell. Listen closely and you will figure out another way to avoid this grown up time out.

Are these all the rules? Not by a long shot. This is just a start. And you will be able to add your own story if you start an aggressive marketing campaign on Facebook.

And how did I create this list?  I had some extra time on my hands when Facebook wasn’t letting me post for a while so I did my own research.

To lean more click here to check out Social Media Nightmare.

Have fun and good luck.

Facebook Marketing Ninja

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The word “ninja” in kanji script

Facebook Marketing Ninja.

I just liked that way that sounded.  And the definition of a ninja sounded pretty cool too: “a person who excels in a particular skill or activity”.

I am skilled in Facebook Marketing from several years doing it for large entertainment brands out there. You know the names. Pages with 70 million fans. And if you used any of their Facebook Apps, you have seen my work.

But the ninja skill that applies the most to Facebook marketing is being nimble. Social media these days is like the wild west.  If you watch a training video to develop your skills from even a weeks ago, there is a good chance things have changed. Facebook is always changing their advertising platform.

So why the changes in Facebook marketing? First of all Facebook knows they have to make money. A lot of money. They started out with an incredible user base of people willing to give up loads of personal information. But once they joined the real world of business they realized that they could no longer continue to give away the farm for free.

How were they giving it away? By providing a platform for brands to build a massive audience and then market to them at no cost of distribution. Brands weren’t used to that. They expected to pay to reach the masses on TV or on radio or print. But Facebook was handing it out for free. That has changed.

When you post a status update on your Facebook Fan Page that message goes out to a tiny fraction of your fans. Unless you are willing to pay. So pretty soon brands were spending big dollars to reach their fans. There is a lot of information online about Edge Rank, just as their is for Page Rank on Google. It is almost like a very well know fact that everyone knows, and every is subjected to, but no one knows for sure how it works.  So people are trying to figure it out. I have even read where Edge Rank is dead, which may be the case but they are certainly using something to replace it. And that something is changing all the time. That is why you need a ninja to figure it out.

What is a Facebook Marketing Ninja’s secret weapon?

Testing. No matter what you read or what the experts tell you, no one knows for sure the exact formula for you to be successful without testing. That is the key. It sounds simple but it takes a well-formulated program over a period of time to start uncovering the secrets for you for your Facebook Marketing.

So what works for one brand probably won’t work for yours. You have a unique product or service and a unique audience or fan base. You have to test everything to find out.

There are a lot of other secret weapons – none as powerful as testing – that we could explain but there isn’t enough time for that here. Contact us and let us know if we can help you out.

And in the mean time check out this Facebook app that will start to give you an idea of how we think about Facebook Marketing. Click here to see it.

Have fun and good luck! From Ninja to Ninja!

5 Things to NOT Do When Recruiting Online

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Online marketing is a numbers game. And we like numbers because we understand them. The key is developing sources for leads, and then recruiting them into your programs. Sounds easy, right? Some programs are designed for you to make money just from recruitment. But the good ones are designed to reward based on selling valuable products and services that people need and want. When you are recruiting online there are an almost endless source of things to DO. But what should you avoid including in your recruiting activities:

  1. Don’t limit your pool of prospects.  The internet is huge. The number of people online is staggering. There are so many different ways to find prospects; from video to blogs, from PPC (pay-per-click) to advertising platforms, from SEO to audio advertising, and so many more that we can’t take the time to list here. But you get the idea. You don’t need everyone, you just need a few to be successful.
  2. Don’t spend too much time on dead end leads.  Starting out you may not have many leads so you can spend a lot of time on each one. But as you become more successful your lead pool will grow to the point of not having enough hours in the day to approach each one and spend the time you would like with them. So decide who is worth your time. Who would you like to go on vacation with? Pick them first.
  3. Don’t require too much time from the prospect – respect their time as well as your own. Just as you value your time, respect the time of the prospect. Don’t expect that you will now be the center of their universe. If they are a valuable contact then it is likely they have others in their online world as well. Respect that and make sure you aren’t using too much of their valuable time in the process. Also it can be said that if you have a sense of urgency that will rub off on them as well.
  4. Don’t make claims that are too good to be true, because they probably are just that. Always, always tell the truth. If you are going to make unbelievable claims as to income potential, you will quickly lose credibility and probably the sale. The key is to listen to the prospect. What is important to them? Chances are you have a product or service that will solve an immediate problem without overstating the benefits. Use that technique and your chances of success will definitely improve.
  5. And most importantly, don’t ever recruit someone else’s lead. Because there are so many potential leads out there in the online world, you never need to worry about finding the next one. Just make sure they aren’t already working with someone selling your same products or services. That is only fair. And you wouldn’t want anyone poaching your leads would you?

Because #5 is so important most reputable programs will lock in a new recruit to their original contact. That way there is no way that you will lose the sale. And the good news is that you will be earning on all of their purchases in the future. Here is a great program that we have been using for lead generation that locks in all of your recruits. Click on the link below and attend the webinar. You won’t be sorry. We know from experience it is worth the time. Claim Your Webinar Seat Now Good luck and have fun? PS: Let us know if you liked the webinar below after you get a chance to check it out.

Making Money Online: Big Money Follows Small Money

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Tom Leonard - Interested in Making Money Online?

Tom Leonard

Are you interested in making money online? You don’t have to be around online marketing for long to hear all of the hype when you are interested in making money onine. Everyone is quoting the “6 and even 7 figure earners” and how they live the life we all want. But do you think they started out making that kind of income. I don’t think so.

To get to that insane level of income just from online marketing, they had to start out small. Just like you and me. So where do we start?

I go to the car dealers often here in Los Angeles just to check out what is new. I always like going to Galpin Motors. I can start out looking at the Fords, move up to Lincoln and Jaguars, but really want to check out the Aston Martins. They are like works of art and sound incredible. I would like to be able to walk in and make that kind of purchase, but I need to start out in the Ford dealership first.

The same applies to online marketing. Start out in the slow lane and learn. By focusing on the products that might sell for less than $10, you can hone your marketing skills without much risk. Test to see what copy sells, what advertising produces, and how to talk to your market. Then move up the food chain to the more expensive products and your chance of success is much better.

Making Money Online

Want to see some online lead generation products that you can sell that cost less than $10? Here are two programs:

Get Prospects to Buy for $7

23 Productivity Secrets for $9

Think it would be easier to get someone to pay $7 or $9 rather than hundreds of dollars for your top-of-the-line products?  You know it would.

And the best news

You will be building a list of interested leads who are willing to invest in their education. And when your goal is to be making money online, think of how valuable that will be. And with a modest advertising investment you will be able to make money building your contact list.

Start today.  Let us know if you have any question. Let us know of your results in the comments below. And best of all let us know if you are having success making money online.

Good luck!

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Google Trends is a powerful tool to see what people are looking for online. Why try to capture an audience that isn’t there when you can get the data on what people are actually searching for on Google? Click here to explore to your hearts content; but just don’t overdo it.

Here is what I found on dieting:

What would you like to find out on Google Trends? Tell us below in the comments.

7 Facebook Images to Use to Generate Leads

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Everyone has seen Facebook images. Who doesn’t like a cute kitten, or babies, or an act of kindness in a photo on social media? They can all be a great introduction to an new online audience. Especially with Facebook images. But with so many images out there what should you use for your Facebook campaign?

First ask yourself “Who is my audience?”. What would they be interested in seeing? If you want to talk to Mommy Bloggers, stay away from the pictures of hunting and guns. And if you want to build a younger male audience images of sports and other young people could be the right ones.

Facebook Image

In our experience these are the categories that work for Facebook images. Remember that you need to know your audience first to have a successful image campaign on Facebook for your business.

  1. Animals – By far this can be the most engaging category of images. There are such a wide variety of animals you can find one for almost any audience.
  2. Kids – But be careful here, you don’t want people to think you are exploiting your kids just to sell stuff.
  3. Life-style – There are so many life-style images that will stop someone from scrolling through their Facebook feed.  This is marketing gold if it is can match up with your product or service.
  4. People – This may be too generic of category but the point here is that when you have multiple images to choose from, always pick the one with people in it.
  5. Danger – The right image can immediately elicit a response to the potential danger of the situation in the picture. Is danger really a good marketing technique? We have found it to be very powerful in the right context.
  6. Unexpected – Remember that each day your audience is bombarded with an insane number of images. So if yours stands out by being unexpected you just increased your chances of being noticed.
  7. Fun – While animals rank among the highest categories of images in our experience, you should never underestimate fun. Either people having fun or things that could be fun.

Are there any guarantees that these images will bring you internet marketing success. Of course not. Only you can can guarantee success.

Click here to see what we are using on Facebook to see if we do what we recommend.

But put some thought into the images you will be posting on Facebook. And have fun with it.

Tell us what your favorite type of image is for your marketing program below.

Attraction Marketing Meets GSP: How to keep on track to your network marketing destination

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Think of the last time you set a long term personal goal. Did you want to lose 20 pounds? Start spending more time with the family? Or launch a new home-based business?

And what happened the first time you fell off track?

Your response to those small and large curve balls will most likely determine your success. Every personal business journey will be have its ups and downs. Don’t avoid the ride but embrace it. Isn’t that part of the experience and the only way to learn?

You cannot control every aspect of your business. But you can control your response to those situations.

Think of your GPS system in the car. Like a good business plan, it can give you directions to a pre-established destination. But it can teach you one more thing: how to never get thrown off track. Remember what happened when you missed an exit on the freeway? The GPS didn’t start berating you, questioning your ability to drive, or threaten to quit. It just began to give you new directions picking up on where you were next.

How great it would be if we could apply the same concept to our home-based business and your efforts on attraction marketing. The next time you run into rejection, or unexpected developments, don’t think of quitting. Instead think of your GPS and what it would do. Most likely it will pick up from your new location and point you in the right direction.

Isn’t that what you want for your approach to network marketing business as well?