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Twitter Marketing. Following Up is the Key to Success – Video

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Twitter Marketing. Following Up is the Key to Success – Video

Network Marketing in 90 Seconds


For a complete lead generating system we use:

Twitter Marketing. Following Up is the Key to Success

This is the key to setting yourself apart and building a relationship.
Create a series of conversations.

Use a spreadsheet with links to easily return to the profile.

I use a system of:

  • X — for conversations
  • EX — for exposures
  • FU — for follow-up
  • F — for soft follow-up

To follow up see what they are up to and favorite, mention, comment, and retweet to continue the conversation.

Remember it is the long-term relationship that will drive value.

Click here to learn from the pros:

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Following Followers on Twitter for Finding Leads – Video Training

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Following Followers on Twitter for Finding Leads  - Video Training

Network Marketing in 90 Seconds

Learn how to do social media marketing right:

There are three ways to find leads using Twitter:

  • Search
  • Following Followers
  • Follow-up

For Following Followers:

Look for Twitter accounts that will be followed by potential leads
Be as specific as possible

  • Trade schools
  • Home business experts
  • Affiliate accounts

Then start to follow their followers

  • Look for active users who are potential leads such as moms, social interns, etc.
  • Go for personal accounts, not business, with less than 10k followers but more than 500
  • Use and Flutter-app

As with search: follow, mention, favorite and re-tweet to get on their radar and start a conversation.

For more social media tips and tricks:

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And give me a call at: (747) 333-8789

Use Twitter Search for Finding Leads – Video Training

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Use Twitter Search for Finding Leads – Video Training

Network Marketing in 90 Seconds


Learn Social Media from the Pros:

There are three strategies in finding leads using Twitter.

  • Search
  • Following
  • Follow-up

Search Twitter to identify potential leads to begin a conversation.
Search for terms that are appropriate for your audience.
Search for both profiles (people) and tweets.
Follow, mention, favorite, and re-tweet to get on their radar.
– Then have a real conversation
Be personal, just like it was face to face.
Look for them on Facebook as well.

More social media tips:

Check us out on Facebook at:
And give me a call at: (747) 333-8789

4 Ways to Make Money Online

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4 ways to make money online. Who isn’t interested in that? Young people know the online world. They get it. They live it. They spend a lot of time connected. Actually most of them have never known a world without social media.

How can they put these skills to use?

How can I make money on social media?

If you can build online relationships, you can make money online. Guaranteed. In fact the future is trending more and more towards online marketing and commerce. How can you find the 4 ways to make money online? But what does this landscape look like?

4 ways to make money onlineBuilding Relationships

Building relationships online is different than advertising or promoting in the traditional sense. People buy from people the know, like, and trust. You see some people building large fan bases on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. But it can be more productive to concentrate on having real conversations. Just like you do in real life.

4 Ways to Make Money Online

If you already know how to build online relationship you are on your way to be able to build an income from your skills. Here are some options:

  1. Affiliate Programs – this is the quickest – and least expensive – way to start generating income. You can join most affiliate programs for free, grab their links and banners, and you are on your way. Commission Junction is a good place to find affiliate programs that fit your interest.
  2. Lead Generation – similar to affiliates there are several lead generation systems that you can use to develop your online business. On is MLSP ( On that program you can develop leads for yourself or other and promote the program itself and make a decent income.
  3. MLM – Multi-Level Marketing – Everyone is familiar with these network marketing programs. Think of Herbalife or Team Beachbody. There are many reputable programs that can develop into significant income. This takes longer to establish. But is can be worth the effort.
  4. Advertising – If you have a steady audience you can also sell advertising to them. The most common example is to develop a highly-trafficked blog. Then you can find an ad network to monetize your traffic. These sites are also good for your affiliate links.

Full-time or Part-time?

If you are starting out and really know social media, these programs can be set up in your spare time. All you need is online access and you are good to go. In fact this is how most online marketers start out. The best 4 ways to make money online are listed above.

If you are interested in knowing more about how to make money online, check out this information and set up a call. We are also interesting in connecting.

Take care and have fun.


If You Are a Social Media Pro – We Should Talk

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We are Recruiting Social Media Ninjas

Lead generation is a huge business online these days. But most people in this space are taking people looking for leads and trying to turn them into a social media expert. We want to turn this around and start with people that already know their way around Facebook and Twitter and give them the opportunity to generate leads through building online relationships. And to make money doing it.

How it Works

As in real life, online people are most likely to buy from people they know, like, and trust. That is why it is so tough to sell things from online display ads. Who really knows and trusts the advertiser? That is why a response rate of over 0.1% will make you an advertising hero.

By using your social networking and marketing skills you can establish an online relationship with people using Facebook and Twitter. Once they know, like, and trust you, as a social media expert you have the opportunity to turn them into a lead for an established product. And these are real, reputable products which you would have no second thoughts about representing and offering.  We do not promote anything we wouldn’t offer to our own friends and family.

social media expert

The Secret

The key to success is matching up the lead with the right product or service. You will know who the proven target groups are in advance. So you will start building relationships with the people most likely to convert.  We have categories of interests and demographics to point you in the right direction. As a social media expert you will be able to focus on what is important.

Social Media Expert – So You are Going to Ask: “What’s In It for Me?”

There are three ways we structure deals with people who join our program:

  1. Get paid for each qualified lead that converts
  2. Join the established program, earn commissions, but we do the selling – these programs do require an investment but not a large one. And the idea is that you can quickly recover those costs once you have learned how to generate quality leads. In this program you earn more than you would just getting paid for converting leads
  3. You join the programs, make the sale and get all of the commission

How Much Can I Make?

We want to be very clear up front. This is not a get-rich-scheme. Or a pyramid scheme where someone gets left holding the bag. As a social media expert, what you can earn will depend on the amount of time and work you are willing to invest. In fact we want to stress that this can be a lot of hard work. But that is why there is an opportunity to make money.

Okay I Have Heard Kind of Thing Before

Why is this different? Our program is based on taking your online network marketing skills as a social media expert and putting them to good use on developing online relationships. People without prior experience on Facebook or Twitter are not usually going to be as successful. They can be but we want to tap into the experience you have already developed.

Does Any of This Sound Interesting?

Just like we mentioned before. People are more likely to buy – and join up – with people they know, like, and trust. That is why we offer a phone conversation if you are seriously interested in learning more.

You can schedule an appointment for a phone meeting by going to:

And there is absolutely nothing that we will try to sell you. You will not be taking out that credit card on this call. Guaranteed.

We just want to start the conversation to see if we are a good match. And if there is a way we can do business together.

What’s Next?

If you are a social media expert, schedule the 20 minute conversation on the phone using the link above. And let’s talk. We know that people who are truly social media ninjas are always looking for a way to use those skills to earn money. We think we have a solution.

Give us a chance and we will see what works out.


Tom Leonard

(747) 333-8789
Burbank, CA

Trial Offers – When to Use Them to Generate Leads

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Trial OffersTrial offers are a standard approach to almost any subscription marketing program. If they are well planned the conversion rate can be rewarding.

Trial Offers

A trial offer is usually an introductory period where a potential customer can try something out before committing to a full purchase. When is the last time you went to a car dealer and they didn’t do almost anything to get you to go for that test drive?

For an online subscription service, the trial offer is a highly tested acquisition tool. Think of the big guys. Netflix offers many free trial offers before signing up (to those few people left that aren’t already subscribers). And they test an incredible number of options to see what works the best. Those guys are really smart.

What should you consider in setting up your trial offer?

  1. How much do you want to give away up front?  With a comprehensive testing plan you will learn what works best for your product or service. You want the new subscriber to see the value in what you are promoting. A good rule is to offer enough so the user understands what they will be getting, but not much more.
  2. Do I want to only offer limited features? Probably not. You want the new user to be able to use all of the feature to become invested in the service. It is easier to limit the time. And it can also be more programming to come up with a limited service.
  3. Do I want a free trial or just a very low introductory cost? This is a tougher question. If it is free the subscription product may not seem as valuable. But you will get more people trying it out. The conversion rate however will be higher if you qualify the customers by having them put in their credit card number. You just want to make sure the introductory price is not a barrier to entry for your trial offers.
  4. Can I try different trial offers at the same time? Of course. That is one of the great things online. You don’t have to offer everyone the exact same plan. Test as much as you possibly can.
  5. But what if a customer sees a different offer? Won’t they complain? This is unlikely, but if they do spot a lower price, give it to them. Make them happy. And it shows you that this is a customer who is doing their research on your service.

There is no exact answer to the right trial offer for your business. And this is the fun part of marketing online. Put together a comprehensive testing plan. Learn what works. Put it in place. And then keep testing.

I believe in the power of the low cost trial offers. If you are serious about building your online business check out these two trial offers.

  • MLSP (MLM Lead System PRO) Academy Training for only $2 for a 3-day trial
  • MLSP (MLM Lead System PRO) Mastery Training for only $9.97 for a 10-day trial

MLSP is one of the top lead generation programs available. It works for us here. And anyone can afford to check it out at this price.

Take care and have fun testing.

Authority Online – How to Establish You Own

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authority onlineEstablishing your authority online is a key strategy to building your business. But where do you start?

Authority Online

If you are a network marketer – or want to become one – you already know who the online authorities are in the space. You have checked out Ray Higdon’s blog, viewed what Mark Heinz has to say, and always check Darren Hardy’s Facebook page. They have established authority online.

But how do you do the same?

First, you want to be realistic. Do you think any of these insanely successful people started out with authority online? Of course not. They built it over time, just like you will. But because these individuals have already paved the way you can learn from their success.

What are the 7 steps to start building your authority online?

  1. Start by branding your name. No matter what business or businesses you promote you want to establish yourself as the authority. This gives you the most flexibility.
  2. Pick one or two marketing platforms and own them. That’s right, don’t get distracted by all of the shiny objects. If you are a Facebook whiz, that is a great start. If you have thousands of Twitter followers, head that direction. And if your YouTube videos are already taking off you know what works. Start with a couple of areas and become the recognized expert. You can branch out later.
  3. Do what the experts are already doing. The direct marketing industry is based on always checking out what the competition is doing. Then duplicated it. Not so closely that it looks like the only skill you have mastered is copy and paste. But when you see a successful person doing something repeatedly, it probably works.
  4. Get your face out there. With video marketing it is no problem. But if you are a blogger make sure your photo is everywhere. You want people to identify with you, your face. Don’t be shy about it.
  5. Network as hard as you can. Build a connection with the experts with authority online. Social media makes this incredibly easy. Comment on Facebook, follow and mention on Twitter, and subscribe and comment on YouTube.
  6. Be credible. You can’t be an authority online unless you have built credibility. Know what you are talking about. Learn, research, and read everything you can. That way your content will ring true.
  7. Be a real person. Don’t use any more automation in social media than absolutely necessary. And if someone else is posting content for you, make sure it is something that you would be saying personally.

And take your time. No one becomes and authority online overnight. Consistency and perseverance are the keys to success.

For more information on how to become an authority online, click here to check out our latest training program.

Good luck and have fun getting noticed.

Visual Boards – How to Motivate Yourself

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Visual boards can be a great way to inspire yourself. You are getting up early, setting your goals, working hard, missing too many things, all with the idea of getting somewhere in life. But what is that destination?

Visual Boards

A visual board is a project where you grab images that inspire you and put them all in one place.

Here is the one that I put together to keep me motivated:

visual boards

The process can be fun and enlightening. You can find images in magazines – if you still have any. But I found it easier to go to the internet and search for images on Google. First you need to decide what areas you want to cover and then start searching. The process will lead you to many different places than you would expect.

I put these into PowerPoint and saved it from there as a PDF. That way I can keep the image up on the second screen I have here at my desk. It is staring right at me. And that is a good thing. I also find that it gets lost in all the other work that clutters up my computer desktop but then it will occasionally pop up. That is the best part. Being surprised.

What do these images mean?

In this case they represent what motivates me to get up at 6 am every morning. Then go for a walk listening to a podcast or audio book. Check this out if you are interested in what I am currently listening to. And then to stay up late working on an online project instead of watching the latest episode of America’s Got Talent.

The meaning behind these images on my visual board isn’t important. That’s the other thing about visual boards. They are personal. Very personal. So you don’t have to explain them to anyone else. They are just for you.

Get started today. It will give you a chance to do some day-dreaming and feel like you are goofing off searching the web. That is not a bad thing when you know it is for a good reason.

Take care and have fun.



Motivational Books to Read

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What motivational books are you reading? There are so many books out there to give you inspiration, motivation, and ideas on how to improve your life and business. But how do you choose which ones to spend valuable time reading?

Motivational Books

My guideline has been fairly simple. If I get one recommendation I thank the person for it. If two recommendations show up, I will go check it out on Amazon. And when the third person tells me this book is worth my time I will find it and read it.

The ones on my list right now that I have read or are going to definitely read are:

Number one on my reading list now is Go Pro – 7 Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Professional by Eric Worre. By far this one has gotten the best reviews from people I respect.

Motivational Books - Go Pro by Eric Worre

My all time favorite is Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.  I can keep re-reading it always learn something new.

Motivational Books - Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill

Also among the very best is The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy. This simple concept is one of the most powerful around. And we all know it is true.

Motivational Books - The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy

A book that has been getting more attention lately from my contacts isRich Dad’s CASHFLOW Quadrant: Rich Dad’s Guide to Financial Freedom by Robert Kiyosaki. His entire series of motivational books is inspiring and this one delivers as well.

Motivational Books - Cashflow Quadrant by Robert Kiyosaki

For something that is a little bit different check out The 4-Hour Workweek: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich (Expanded and Updated) by Timothy Ferriss. His irreverent take on how to lead the life you want is worth the time. While you may not want his life you will learn things to make yours more interesting in this motivational book.

Motivational Books - The 4-Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferriss

Audio Books

All of these books can be purchased as a regular book as well as an ebook for your Kindle, iPad, or phone. But the best format is an audio book. This gives you the chance to learn from these professionals while driving, walking, or just sitting out by the pool. That is a great use of your time.

Your Recommendations

This is just a very short list of motivational books. And I know you have others to recommend. Add them to the comments section below.

Good luck and have fun.

Twitter Search – How to Find Your Leads

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Twitter SearchTwitter search can be a good way to find potential leads. All you need is a bit of imagination.

Twitter Search

Assuming you are already on Twitter, the first step is to visit the Twitter Search page at You will find the basic search box where you can enter a keyword or phrase. To narrow down your search, click the term “operators” and the dialog box will provide you with a wide range of options. Hit “Search” and you are off to the races.

This basic search, however, will give you a wide variety of results. Some will be exactly what you are thinking of looking up but be prepared for a lot of things that you didn’t expect. If you have a single word that is fairly specific it might work. Let’s say if you are searching for Tonga, Prius, or almonds.

This search box will also be useful for hashtags. In fact this is a great way to see everything that is already tagged.

But you want to go deeper so go to ‘advanced search“. Now you can get creative with Twitter search. The options include:

  • All of these words
  • This exact phrase
  • Any of these words (this is the default on the Twitter search home page)
  • None of these words – where you can immediately eliminate things you know you don’t want to view
  • These hastags
  • Written in – for the language you want to see

You can then narrow your search further. Go to the People section and you can only see the results that are:

  • From these accounts – if you know which accounts you want to research
  • To these accounts – to see what people are saying back to specified accounts
  • Mentioning these accounts – when you want to specify when an account is being discussed

Further you can ask for the Twitter search results to be tied to a particular location and even by date. The date is a good field to use. Otherwise you will see a great result only to learn that it was said over two years ago.

The Other categories can be less predictable. You can ask for results that are:

  • positive
  • negative
  • a question
  • include retweets

Okay, are those enough options to make it useful? This will give you a lot of territory to cover.

How to Find Your Leads

This is the fun part. Think of your audience that you would like to find on Twitter search. And just type in what they might be saying.  For example you might be looking for people who are in a home-based business. So ask for the exact phrase “i just started a home-based business”. How about people who want help on Instagram? Use the exact phrase “I need help on Instagram”  You get the idea.

Then review the results. Most importantly check out the profiles. Just because they appear in your search results doesn’t mean they are a qualified lead. You can then follow those people, mention them, favorite their message, or retweet them. That will get their attention and could lead to a discussion. Remember to build the relationship and not hit them right off with a sales message.

I have used this process with a lot of success and know that it can work for you too.  If you are interested in more Social Marketing training, click here.

Have fun and good luck.