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Most Fans on Facebook

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Who has the most fans on Facebook?

It probably isn’t you or me. But it is interesting to see who has the most fans on Facebook.

Right now the top 5 are all celebrities or brands:

Shakira – 100 million fans

Cristano Ronaldo – 92 million fans

Eminem – 92 million fans

Rihanna – 89 million fans

Coca Cola – 86 million fans

YouTube – 82 million fans

Vin Diesel – 81 million fans

Michael Jackson – 77 million fans

The Simpsons – 74 million fans

Harry Potter – 72 million fans

These are some amazing numbers. And it changes all of the time.

Check out for the latest updates. So you will know who has the most fans on Facebook.

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Getting Likes on Facebook

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Getting Likes on Facebook

So you have just set up a new Facebook business page or fan page. So now you will want to figure out getting likes on Facebook.

You have a few different approaches to use getting likes on Facebook. Use some or all of the ideas mentioned below:

  1. Invite your existing fans and friends.
  2. Buy an ad on Facebook Pay-Per-Click to promote you page.  This can be a great way to build your audience for surprisingly little money. In fact, just a few dollars a day will add up over time.
  3. Use other social networks where you already have an audience – such as Twitter, YouTube, or others such as Pinterest.
  4. Promote your page at every opportunity. Your blog – if you have one – is always a good place to promote your Facebook activities.
  5. Use off-line media as well. Your advertising and even your business cards should list your Facebook fan page for getting likes on Facebook.
  6. Start every business connection introduction with an invitation to join your email list as well as your Facebook page when appropriate.

Now be creative. You would be amazed how many online and off-line connections you have. And by just adding a few new fans a day the result will be substantial.

Always be inviting when getting likes on Facebook. That positive approach works very well.

This is my short list of getting likes on Facebook.

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Buy FB Likes

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Buy FB Likes

You want more likes on your Facebook fan page or business page. Who doesn’t? But should you buy FB likes?

There are a lot of places – such as – where for just a few dollars you can buy FB likes. At first it seems like a good deal.

My advice – just as with Twitter – is to never buy followers. And here is why.

The most important reason is that these fake fans won’t be responsive. So you won’t have a real audience engaging with you. And that engagement is very important for Facebook to promote the organic reach of your messages.

Other people may spot the fact that all of a sudden you have hundreds or even thousands of new fans. That will identify you as someone that is trying to present yourself in a way that is not entirely true.

If you are using outside services to promote your business page, often they will charge based on the number of fans you have. So you can be bumped up to a higher price range for the service.

Use other techniques to build your Facebook fan base. Your engagement will be much more genuine.

This is my advice on whether to buy FB likes.

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How to Edit a Post on Facebook

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Once you have made a post or status update on Facebook, you might want to go back and make a change.

So how to edit a post on Facebook?

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Once the post is out on Facebook, all you need to do is to find the very small, almost invisible “v” at the top right corner of the post.

Click on that and you will be able to:
• Change the date
• Highlight
• Hide from Timeline — if it is your own post
• Delete the post entirely
• Remove a tag
• Mark as something you don’t like
• Embed post

And if it is someone else’s post, the how to edit a post on Facebook link can be used to mark it as something you don’t like.
This feature has saved me countless times. When I later spotted an error — or someone else pointed it out.

The post may also show up as having been edited, but that is rarely a problem. This is a good way to make sure you are making the best impression on Facebook.

That is how to edit a post on Facebook.

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Search Facebook Posts

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Search Facebook Posts

Graph search on Facebook allows you to search for a lot of things.

You can search for people, places, pages, groups, and even by email address. And you can search for apps. Like the 70 million people who like Candy Crush.

But one of the most important searches is not available to most Facebook users. And that is to search Facebook Posts.

So if you want to see who is talking about any keyword, you are out of luck. It looks like this feature was implemented at one time. But when you go to search Facebook posts you will be a message that “this search isn’t available yet”.

So why the limit? The best reason I can come up with is that you can’t search Facebook posts is that people were using it inappropriately.

Think of how it works on Twitter. On that service you can search profiles and messages for almost any keyword or phrase. And then you can even insert yourself into someone else’s conversation.

There are a few very complicated ways to get around this last of search Facebook posts, but it is more trouble than it is worth.

So for now, what you say on Facebook can’t be brought to the light of day using search. But that doesn’t mean that it won’t come back. So – as always – be careful of what you say.

If you have a different experience when you search Facebook posts, we want to know.

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Twitter Best Practices

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Twitter best practices

As you become more experienced at using Twitter for engagement, you will want to know some Twitter best practices.

Here are a few that I use:

  1. Be polite in every conversation
  2. Talk as if you are speaking with someone face-to-face – after all this is social media
  3. Use Direct Messages sparingly – and do not send automated messages as that can be seen as spam
  4. Another Twitter best practice is to add value to the conversation and not just send out one sales message after another
  5. Ask questions and be genuinely interested in the response
  6. As in real life listen to what the other person is saying
  7. Have a well written profile – after all that is where you will be making your one-and-only first impression
  8. Have a profile photo of yourself and not your dog or car or logo since people want to be talking with other people
  9. Use lists to identify those people that you would like to talk with more
  10. Be positive whenever possible – if you are seen as negative then that is probably the type of people you are going to attract

What are your suggested Twitter best practices?  Let me know in the comments below and I will add them to the list.

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Twitter Profile Search

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Twitter profile search

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Twitter profile search is a simple and powerful way to find the people you are looking to connect with on Twitter.

Using the search bar at the top of your Twitter profile page or using, you can search for keywords that would identify the right person.

After searching, you will see a list on the top left for:

  • Everything
  • People
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • News
  • Timeline

Go to the People tab and now you will see what you are looking for Twitter profile search. Review the list of people and their profiles to find the ones that are most likely to want to engage with you.

I recommend following these people and even re-tweeting and favoriting their messages to get on their radar.

And remember that you can save the search for the future.

Using Twitter profile search you can now start conversations with the right people and laser target your Twitter activities.

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Sending Twitter Direct Messages

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Twitter messages come in two flavors — public and private. For sending Twitter Direct Messages, that means that you want to be sending a private message. Or in Twitter-speak that is a Direct Message.

Sending Twitter Direct Messages

First remember that any tweet you publish can be seen by the public. At first it might seem unlikely that someone will find your message in the billions sent each day. But by using Twitter search you will be amazed how people are finding your conversations.

So if you want to Twitter send DM, all you do is go to the gear icon near the blue FOLLOWING button and you will see the option for “Send a Direct Message”. Just use that link and in the pop-up dialog box you will be able to send a private message.

But unlike public messages, you can only Twitter send DM to someone who follows you. Just because you follow them, do not expect to be able to send them a direct, private message.

To review the DM’s that someone has sent to you check the envelope icon at the top of your Twitter profile. If there are unread private messages, a number will appear. Clicking on that icon will bring up all of the direct messages that you have sent and received, grouped by Twitter account.

And like the public messages, sending Twitter Direct Messages will only allow 140 characters. But that should not be a problem once you are used to speaking in that format.

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