66% Of Emails Are Opened On Mobile – Here’s How To Go Mobile-First

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Two-thirds of Internet users open emails on a smartphone or tablet. Are you still optimizing your emails for desktop users? You shouldn’t be; instead, use these tips to go mobile-first.

In 2014, 66 percent of emails were opened on smartphones or tablets, with smartphones being the most popular device for email reading.

You can’t ignore this trend. Instead of designing your campaigns primarily for desktop, it’s time to accommodate mobile users. For email campaigns that are user-friendly and drive action across all devices, you must move from a “mobile friendly” ideology to “mobile first.”

Here’s how to make your emails optimized for your mobile subscribers.


Keep Your Subject Lines Short

David Daniels, founder and CEO of The Relevancy Group LLC, has talked about the concept of “inbox triage” for years already. In a survey conducted by his company of over 1,000 U.S. consumers, The Relevancy Group found that 42 percen…

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