7 Steps to a Successful Facebook Contest

successful facebook contestWhat are the best reasons for creating a successful Facebook contest?

  1. Engagement: by creating an interesting contest with good prizes, your contacts will be encouraged to engage with you and your fan page
  2. Get LIKES for your fan page: using “like-gating” you can get more fans for your page
  3. Build email list: by requiring email addresses as part of the entry process you will build your list
  4. Awareness:  As more people see your contest they will become aware of you and your products and services

7 Steps to a Successful Facebook Contest

  1. Strong incentive. Your incentive, or prize, should be related to your business. This sounds obvious but many contests focus on the prize and not as much on how it ties back to the business. And it should align emotionally. If you have a serious business, the prize should be serious. If your business is more fun, then you can have a fun prize. You get the idea on how this can tie in to a successful Facebook contest.
  2. Create urgency.  You want to have the contest last for a short period – 7 days or less. If it is too long, you will lose your audience. But too short and people won’t have time to hear about it. Try out different timing to make sure you have a successful Facebook contest.
  3. Easy to enter. Make it super simple to enter. The only real requirement is the email address. Remember that the more personal info you request will lower your entry rate.
  4. Email follow up.  This is where you start that important marketing dialog. Use your auto-responder to start sending out messages while the subscriber remembers you.
  5. Let fans market for you.  This is the gravy part of a successful Facebook contest. Just ask them to share, like, tweet, etc. If you have a sweet prize this won’t be a problem.
  6. Brand Trust. The contest is an extension of the trust your fans have in your brand. If you continue to maintain a high level of trust, they will enter. If your brand is unknown, it will take time to have a good response.
  7. Mobil Optimized.  Always make sure that your successful Facebook contest is easy to enter on mobile devices. That is probably where you will get the majority of your entries.

You probably want to use an established service to manage the successful Facebook contest. There are certain requirements and always some legal issues. So you will want to have all of the bases covered.

Good luck and have some fun with your successful Facebook contest. And if you have any questions for me, I have run many successful Facebook contests and will be glad to share my experience. Just use the contact link on this page to get in touch.


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