Automated Webinar – How to Really Make Money While You Sleep

Automated webinars have been around as long as people have been gathering crowds online.

But are they a good idea for a marketer? Well, actually they are a great idea. And here is why.

Automated webinar

First of all webinars are the number one way to generate serious revenue online. When you see any of the top industry leaders, they are doing webinars. In fact I will bet that their webinars are the reason that you recognize their name. And their face.automated webinar

Webinars are easy to do actually. All you need is:

  1. An interesting topic
  2. Webinar software to present the webinar
  3. A good offer that matches up well with your audience
  4. An email autoresponder that allows you to continue the conversation after the webinar

One quick note, when I am talking about webinar software, I am describing the entire package. This includes the all-important feature of registration and email notifications. You can actually do the webinar on a free service such as Google Hangouts. But you then add in a service like Webinars on Air to handle the other features and you are set.

But what is the problem you see with this proven model? Yes you can talk to a crowd on each webinar. And that crowd can be large. Hundreds or even thousands of people have attended webinars in the past. So you are on the right track. But what is the bottle-neck? What holds you back? Time.

That’s right, there are only so many hours in a day, so many days in the week, and so many weeks in the month that you can be on a webinar. And once you have a proven funnel in place, you will be able to do each webinar in your sleep. Almost.

This is where the automated webinar comes in. By recording one of your best webinars, you use that video to show on an automated webinar. You are going to look and sound just like you are live. And the best part is that no one really has to know so they get the live-webinar experience. You even have the important call-to-action at the end of the webinar. So it will be producing sales. How amazing is that?

How do you set this up. Actually this is pretty easy to do. There are services such as Webinars on Air that provide this capability. Click here to get more information on that service:  This program sets up the registration process and email follow up. So it looks just like a live event.

Two cautions

  1. I would recommend that you never promote the automated webinar as a ‘LIVE” event. People will be able to tell if they are sharp and you don’t need to brand yourself as being misleading.
  2. Only automate proven webinar programs. Learn and test in a live environment first.

Sound good to you? You can see how you can easily have an program of automated webinars that will can truly earn you money while you sleep.

Let me know if you have any questions about webinars. They are one of the most productive strategies you can use. Don’t miss out.


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