The Biggest Question in Network Marketing that is Never Asked – But Has to Be Answered

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What is the biggest question in network marketing. I get it when prospecting ? But it is the one they never ask.

And that is: “Can I do this?”

Biggest Question in Network Marketing

When I am talking with a serious prospect I want to hear their questions. If i am doing all of the talking and they do not engage, most likely they are not serious. They will ask about the product and the opportunity. But in reality they need to be convinced that “Hey, I can do that!”

Here are three things I do:

  1. I tell my story. I am a regular guy. Not a “larger-than-life” personality on a stage talking to thousands of devoted fans. I cover my background and what got me into network marketing. I want them to identify with my story at some level so they can come to the conclusion: “Yes, I can do this.”
  2. I bring out the tools. Any reputable network marketing company – and mine is – will have a set of marketing tools for everyone to use. These include printed sheets, videos, web pages, an e-commerce site, etc. Then I will describe the social media tools that now make the business truly global. After all I probably found them on social media. So they know it works.
  3. I show them testimonials. They need to feel comfortable that I am telling a believable story about myself. But if I can show them testimonials of others – just like themselves – being successful that will speak to them. They might not be exactly like me, but I want them to find someone who is.

This is the biggest question in network marketing. And it never gets asked. But I make sure there is no doubt in their mind that they come away thinking: “Hey, you know, I really can do this!”

Have fun networking!

PS:  One of the tools I show prospects when I am talking about social media is Twitter. And I have developed a short, free series of training videos. If you want to see how Twitter has changed my business around, click here to sign up for Twitter Boot Camp.

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