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Dot Com Lunch – See You In Vancouver Edition

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This is my last week of hosting the Dot Com Lunch in Orange County. I’ll be flying to New York tonight for the Affiliate Summit, and then I’ll be heading home to Vancouver Dot Com Pho.

I like to invite all Vancouver readers to come out and say hi. If you can’t make the normal Saturday meetup, feel free to give me a shout and maybe we can get together for coffee or something.

This episode of the Dot Com Lunch is most filled with our impressions of the Democratic Nation Convention, the DNC hack, Mexican taco bowls, and Hillary’s white outfit that made her looked like a giant marshmallow. Enjoy and I’ll see you in New York!


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The Undeniable Power Of Search Engine Marketing

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Bing Network. All opinions are 100% mine.

The Undeniable Power Of Search Engine Marketing If you could choose just ONE form of digital marketing, what would it be?

I get asked this question from big brands all over the world, and my answer is always the same…

Search engine marketing.

It often shocks people, because social media and content have been such a big contributor to my success. But in reality, search engines are where I continue to get the best return on investment.

In fact, 55% of the traffic for this site comes from organic search alone. And for me, more traffic means more earning potential.

Search engines are the lifeblood of digital marketing, not just because they deliver the m…

Reddit Lets Brands Promote User Posts: This Week in Social Media

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Welcome to our weekly edition of what’s hot in social media news. To help you stay up to date with social media, here are some of the news items that caught our attention. What’s New This Week Reddit Announces New Ad Offering: Reddit introduced Promoted User Posts, a new ad offering that gives marketers the […]

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– Your Guide to the Social Media Jungle

CPM and CPC – The Ultimate Explanation

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CPM vs CPC – Media Buyingcpm

Guest post by Elena Rudneva

A lot of words have been written on this subject, since these price models are key ingredients that affiliate marketers must know by heart if they want to have a shot at success in this field.

In this article, I’ll describe the meanings, intricacies and details of these acronyms.

Basic Definitions

Ready? Let’s start with CPM. CPM stands for cost per 1000 impressions. This means you’re setting the price you wanna pay for a thousand impressions of your banner/popunder for the users to view.
What about CPC? This acronym means cost per click on your ad. It means you’ll pay for each click on your banner.

Going Further

Let’s try to dive a bit deeper. Let’s imagine you’re paying directly for…

Email Deliverability – Cracking The Code Of Marketing Automation

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In this podcast installment, Lon Safko talks about email deliverability, testing, and spam. If you’re struggling to get your messages through, this episode of Cracking the Code of Marketing Automation should make its way on to your playlist right away.

You can watch the video or follow the transcript below. And in case you’ve missed the previous parts, just use these links below to re-watch them in your spare time.


Part 1: What is marketing automation?

Part 2: Who is marketing automation for?

Part 3: What are marketing automation workflows?


If you have any comments or questions for Lon or Michal, just reach out in the comments section below.



Transcript: cracking the code of marketing automation pt. 4

Michal Leszczynski: Coming back to the topic of starting out with marketing automation, are there any important aspects you believe people should keep in mind, rather than be…

On Originality, Competition and Profitability

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A notion that has come up in discussion on this blog and elsewhere around the Internet is that if you want your blog to be successful, then you need to treat it like a business. It’s not a hobby that you do for fun. It’s not some side gig to help generate some extra play money. If the goal is to replace your regular full-time income with the revenue you generate from your blog, then you need to think about your blog the same way you would think about a more traditional business.

Who is your target customer or demographic? What are the market conditions like in your niche or industry? What is your unique selling proposition that separates you from the competition? What expenses are necessary? What is your profit potential?

Following this line of thought and looking at the incredible vastness of the blogosphere, you also have to ask yourself a very important question. Is your objective to be completely original and unique or do you simply want to take an exis…

The Importance Of Communication In Business

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One of the most important elements in the success of any business is making and nurturing contacts. Lasting relationships, whether personal or professional, require consistent communication. Communication takes time, and in the past, if you had a lot of friends, some were bound to occasionally feel neglected after not having received a phone call, card or letter during traditional holidays.

Social media has proved to be a great tool for helping people maintain long-term friendships over time and distance. A single occasional update on Facebook enables you to reach all your friends simultaneously, and a single click of a mouse on the like button can let someone know you’re thinking of them.

In the professional world, business success requires a far larger number of contacts than it would be possible to maintain without the help of modern technology. Customer Relations Management (CRM) software was developed for just that reason. Every business that offers pro…

What Makes a Really Good Email?

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Anybody can send an email these days, but how can you make it really stand out in the inbox? Turns out, there are a lot of ways and a lot of brands are already putting those tactics to work.

We teamed up with Really Good Emails to talk about the innovative things brands are doing with email and how to apply them to your own email strategy.

It takes time and testing to know what will resonate with your audience, but if you take a cue from these email experts, you’re as good as gold.

What separates a really good email from the rest?

It depends – the answer really comes down to what your readers are most receptive to. Plain text can be just as effective as elaborate designs and interactive content, but you won’t know until you test!

Take note of any trends in your click-thru and open rates and use that data to give your subscribers what they want most.

Q1. What’s the difference between a regular email and …

What Pokémon Go Can Teach Marketers?

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I’m assuming that all those who are reading this article have not missed what’s been going on over the past week or two. But, what I can’t assume is if you’ve been swept up in the madness, or just watched on bemusedly as swarms of people in the world have started using their smartphones to chase virtual creatures around streets, parks, and even busy roads.

Yes, I’m talking of course about Pokémon Go – the latest craze from Nintendo that has taken the world by virtual storm.

Whether you’re into the game or not, there’s no denying that its popularity is a pretty big deal – not least for Nintendo. The statistics tell the story. It took just 13 hours for the game to reach the top of the highest-grossing app chart in the US. Just five days after launch, Nintendo’s market value increased by a whopping $9 billion. And the app had enjoyed over 15 million downloads in just one week. Boom!… That’s how you own a market.

In the style of a tr…

5 Easy Steps For Creating A Traffic-Driving Expert Roundup

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5 Easy Steps For Creating A Traffic-Driving Expert Roundup

Are you a content creator? Do you find yourself desperately looking for something to share about two-thirds of the way through the month?

I have been where you are, staring at my screen willing an idea, any idea, to come to me. It can feel like everything has been said, and that there are just no more topics to cover.

This is the point in every content marketer’s life when they start getting a little overwhelmed by their editorial plans.

Updated posts, recycled blog posts in new formats, master list posts… these are all pretty standard workarounds for when the inspiration just isn’t flowing.

But I want to point you towards a different route that should immediately become…