My Best Video Marketing Tips

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video marketing tips

video marketing tipsVideo has been one of the biggest ways we have built our business, today we share our best video marketing tips.

IF you want more leads, prospects and sales, these video marketing tips will help!

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Amplify Your Audience by Guest Blogging [Content Matters Podcast 06]

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Content Matters Guest blogging

What do you get when you cross a strategic blogger with a popular blog?

You get a larger audience. It’s called guest blogging.

Listen to two serious advocates of guest blogging share the secrets of how it works. Both have landed many meaningful gigs on of the biggest and best blogs in marketing. Both now operate blogs guest bloggers covet.

Welcome to the guest blogging edition of Content Matters with Andy Crestodina and Barry Feldman.

In the program, Andy and Barry discuss:

Did guest blogging really fall from favor when Google’s Matt Cutts issued his warning?
The benefits of guest blogging and the chain reaction it can cause across the web
Targeting the ideal blogs
Building mutually beneficial relationships with top editors
Important tips for gettin…

How Live Events Can Become a Profitable Business

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When most people think about making money online, they think about selling something on the Internet, or referring a customer to Amazon and getting a commission from a sale. However, one of the most profitable way to make money online is by promoting live events.

Live events like conferences and masterminds can be a great addition to your Internet product mix. A large part of my online income comes from promoting events like the IM Freedom Workshop.

During a break at the Titanium Mastermind, I got an opportunity to interview Russell Whitney. Russell is in charge of the MOBE events like IM Freedom and Home Business Summit. In the interview, Russell explains how anyone can promote live events and make money from it. The best part is, there is no investment on your part for the cost of the room, speakers, audio/video, etc. You just refer people to the event and make money for doing it.

Promoting live events is available to all MOBE affiliates and licensees. The b…

Facebook to Open Instant Articles to All Bloggers: This Week in Social Media

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Welcome to our weekly edition of what’s hot in social media news. To help you stay up to date with social media, here are some of the news items that caught our attention. What’s New This Week Facebook Opens Instant Articles Program to All Publishers: Facebook “will be opening up the Instant Articles program to […]

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– Your Guide to the Social Media Jungle

[#EmailChat Recap] Email Marketing Best Practices – The Dos and Don’ts You Need To Know

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New to email marketing? Or maybe you’re a seasoned pro looking to share the tips you’ve learned along your journey. Either way, yesterday’s #emailchat was the place to be.

We asked the AWeber community to share their tips and guidelines for sticking to email marketing best practices. Josh, our Best Practices Manager, was there to share his expert advice with everyone. From subject lines to responsive email, we covered the spectrum.

Missed out on the chat? Here are the 7 email marketing best practices that everyone should know:

1. There are lots of ways to grow a healthy email list.

Q1. What are the most effective ways to grow a healthy email list? #emailchat

— AWeber (@aweber) February 18, 2016

A1 Find a way that works for your business. Offering something to potential subscribers is a great way to build a list. #emailchat

— Josh S (@J…

Introducing Erin, Senior Email Marketing Manager

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Hey y’all, I’m Erin King, the new Email Marketing Manager at Litmus. Basically, I send emails about email marketing to other email marketers, which may be the most meta job ever. I’ve been a fan of Litmus for a long time, and I’m super excited to be part of the team!

I started my career in the offline world of newspapers in Asheville, NC, before making the jump to digital. Since then I’ve done a little bit of everything in the online space, including copywriting, web design, and front-end development.

Then, about 6 years ago, the company I was working for needed a backup email marketing manager, so I said sure, I’ll fill in. It wasn’t long before I was in charge of email marketing and trying to figure out all the different coding quirks and strategy possibilities in the space. I’ve since managed B2B email programs in the travel and digital marketing industries before getting the opportunity to come to Litmus.

Currently, I live just outside Washi…

6 Ways To Use Social Media To Make More Business This Easter

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6 Ways To Use Social Media To Make More Business This Easter

According to the National Retail Federation, more than $16.4 billion will be spent in the USA, before and during the Easter weekend – on apparel, decorations, gifts, candies, food and flowers. Businesses that seek to achieve success during this period need to, according to Facebook Insights, target women of all ages and consumers who are 18 to 34 in particular, as they are the most important drivers of the Easter conversation.

In the U.S. and U.K., where the holiday is celebrated with chocolate Easter eggs and candy baskets, this time is especially lucrative for the confectionary industry. But experiences from Australia or the Philippines, where the holiday is mostly associated with …

MOBE Titanium Mastermind Mexico – The Welcome Dinner

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The first MOBE Titanium Mastermind of 2016 open last night in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, with a welcome dinner, fire dancing, and fireworks. The mastermind was held on the private beach of the Westin Resort & Spa. Over 250 people flew in from all over the world for the mastermind.

The opening night dinner featured a full bar, unique Mexican food, music, entertainment, fireworks, and welcome message from Matt Lloyd, the founder of MOBE. The dinner was a great way to meet the attendees and get to know each other. It was also great to catch up with friends from past masterminds.

If you have never attended a mastermind before, then I highly recommend you get to one. While doing business online is great, nothing will ever replace good old fashion face-to-face networking. All the biggest deals I have e…

How to Improve Your Revenue Using Video Ads

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As a marketer, you always want to be ahead of the curve.

The most effective tactics are always the ones that the majority of marketers either haven’t adopted yet or haven’t been successful with yet.

One of the current tactics that fall into that category is the use of video in advertising.

Very few marketers have tried to create video ads, but that will change in the coming years.

The consumption of video in general is growing at a rapid pace. Over half (55 percent) of people watch at least one video a day. Some watch several dozen.


In order to make revenue from the videos they host, video sites (e.g., YouTube, Dailymotion, etc.) have a few options.

They can overlay some text ads. It doesn’t generate much revenue for them, so they don’t do this if they have a bett…

New Research on How to Get More Facebook Engagement

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Facebook marketing gets more complicated all the time. A few years ago, all you had to worry about was getting likes. Then likes became less meaningful. Organic reach became the goal.

Organic reach fell off around 2014, when Facebook did its famous switcheroo and knocked organic reach down to single digits for most publishers. Now, two years later, most smart marketers have zeroed in on engagement rates – the measurement of how many likes, shares and comments each post gets.

Obviously, engagement matters because it means your audience is interacting with your content. That keeps your company top of mind, so your followers are more likely to think of you when they need your services.

But that’s not the only benefit of a high engagement rate. You see, Facebook views engagement rates as a strong signal that your posts have value. It’s not the only signal, but it’s an important one. So the higher your engagement rates go, the more likely it is that your page…