Content Matters Podcast, Ep1: Will Your Content Make a Difference?

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“Your website is your mousetrap. Your content is the cheese.”

It was the headline of a Content Marketing Institute post. It stuck with me. Years later, I met the author of that headline, Barry Feldman. First, he called me out for using it in a presentation without properly giving him credit. Next, we became friends and have collaborated ever since.

Those words brought us together.

Our latest collaboration is this podcast, Content Matters. Here’s what you can expect:

20 minutes of practical marketing advice and conversation, every other week
A focus on one area of content marketing
Two power tips (mousetraps and cheese) on the areas of content and conversions
A post for each episode here on this site, and over at
Available on iTunes, Stitcher, Spreaker, SoundCloud, YouTube and most podcast players
A link in our newsletter, which is also bi-weekly

Each episode is recorded live on Blab, so if you’d like to listen in live, just …

Four Keys to Creating a Great Audio Interview

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SCENE: Your boss’ office.

Boss: Hey, you know how a few years ago everyone was all like, “We need a video for our website or our app, or whatever?”

You: Yeah.

Boss: Well, now everyone’s all like, “We forgot about audio. We need audio for our website and our app, and whatever.”

You: So?

Boss: We need audio for our website and our app, and whatever.


Look around you.

On the street, on the bus, on the train. In the fitness center, on the running path, in the bike lanes…


… and, of course, in cars …

You’ll see more people than ever listening to things.

The irony for traditional broadcasting: Because those people have so many m…

Web Design vs. Analytics: 5 Little Web Design Decisions That Cause Big Analytics Problems

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Some websites work well with Google Analytics. Some don’t.

During the web design process, hundreds of decisions are made. Some of these decisions affect marketing far into the future. Some little web design decisions have a big impact on how you use Analytics.

Are goals and conversions easy to track?
Is the performance of content easy to measure?
Can new tracking tools be added easily?

Here is a checklist of ways in which web design decisions can help or hurt your Analytics.

1. The Thank You

Web Design Question: What happens after someone completes a form, becoming a lead? How does the website say thank you?

Analytics Impact: Goal Tracking

Some websites don’t take the visitor to a thank you page. Instead, they show a little thank you message on the same page. This makes tracking goals more difficult.

A “destination goal” is a type of conversion in Analytics. It measures when a visitor reaches a goal URL; typically a thank you page….

[Podcast] Episode 005: What types of pop up forms have the highest conversion rates?

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It’s time once again for another episode of the Ask Me About Email Marketing podcast!

This week’s question comes from Nick Jervis, of Your Website Genie, who is curious what pop up styles are most effective according to our data.

Despite my promise to seek out a different email marketing expert for each question, I selfishly decided to answer this question myself. I couldn’t help it, as conversion rate optimization is an area of interest for me.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

Why I’m reluctant to answer this question with just data
Different styles of pop ups, how to trigger them, and when to use them
Two pop up alternatives to test, which may create a more welcome user experience
The importance of testing your forms and site

Listen below to hear my response.

Here are a few notable links from the show:

Hello Bar
ConversionXL – In Defense of the Popup

We’ve also writt…

5 Reasons Why Periscope Should Be Part of Your 2016 Social Media Strategy

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For those who own their own business, I want to encourage you to make Periscope, and/or live streaming in general, part of your social media strategy for 2016. Live streaming, and more specifically Periscope, has made such an amazing difference in my business. So much so that I tell as many people as I can to […]

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Kim Garst

How to Be More Creative: 8 Tips to Spur Creativity

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Most people think that creativity is something only creative people have. Well, I have studied the behavior of several creative people (including myself) and have come up with a guaranteed formula to make you more creative at whatever it is you do.

Ready? Here we go:

1. Procrastinate

There is no question about it: creative people always do things at the last moment. This is not the whim of the absent-minded. Here’s why: it is scientifically proven that creative people use their sub-conscious more than the norm. And because sub-conscious thinking is correlated with creativity, the longer you wait to do something the more time your subconscious mind has to work on it.


So, to be more creative, set a deadline and procrastinate. The creative solution will come to you when you least expect it.</…

Affiliate Summit West – The Show Floor #ASW16

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The Affiliate Summit West is the world’s largest affiliate marketing trade show. Over 6,000 people make the yearly trek to Las Vegas for the show. If you’re looking for a product to promote, no matter what the niche, you’ll find it at Affiliate Summit.

The trade show floor is where all the action happens. The show floor is more relaxed than the Meet Market. The floor is opened for two days, so there’s plenty of time to meet and greet with everyone.

It’s always fun walking the floor to see what’s new, and meet new friends and connect with old ones. I really enjoy walking from booth to booth to talk with the reps and see what the company offers. You’ll also pick up plenty of free swags while walking the floor. I have two bags full of free stuff, ranging from t-shirts to a Bloody Mary mixing kit.

Registration has opened for the Affiliate Summit East in New York. The show will be taking place July 31 to August 2 at the New …

Content Matters Podcast, Ep2: Writing Killer Headlines for Your Web Content

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Headlines: Does Anything Matter More?

How do you write killer headlines? Should you aim to turn on readers or search engines?

This episode of the podcast gets into these questions and:

How headlines are ammo in the war for attention
How headlines are the key to social media success
Headlines are no longer just the big bold words at the top of the page
Do headline writers over-emphasize search?
How to hack your way to writing killer headlines for web content
How to borrow insights from the cover of pop culture magazines (and the native advertising industry)
Barry’s age-old “how to” get started lesson
Andy’s not-so-secret formula for looking at numbers first
The magnetic power of the illustrious curiosity gap
The dubious double headline that screams “click me”

In the cheese and mousetrap segment…

Are you fulfilling your promises?
The connection between the headline and the growth of your email list

Additional Resources

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Content Matters Podcast, Ep3: Research: The Most Valuable Form of Content

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Want to launch the quality of your content into the stratosphere?

Create original research. It’s my theory that every industry has something that is frequently asserted but rarely supported. Go find that missing stat.

The most shareable and link-worthy content you can create is original research. The insights you uncover can result in one-of-a-kind content that delivers incomparable success in search and social media.

In this episode Barry and I will discuss how research is a way to create absolutely original content and how it:

Is an important part of the content marketer’s writing process
Separates your content from the pack of instant gratification seekers
Gives your content more perspective and depth
Earns valuable links and citations from major media sources
Delivers unparalleled credibility and authority

The episode features discussions of three great examples:

The overwhelming deal-breaker for dating
A project Andy describes as a “bri…

5 Marketing Tactics for Senior Marketers with 5+ Years Experience

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You’re an expert. A thought leader. You’re a seasoned, veteran marketer. Or, at least, you’ve been doing this a while.

But are you feeling the grind? Are there ways you could be more efficient? More effective?

The tactics that work in the beginning don’t always work later on. You need to reconsider your approach.

Although any marketer may find these tips useful, this post is specifically for marketers with 5+ years experience creating and promoting content.

1. The Art of Personal Leverage: “Delegation & Automation”

Here’s a question you’ve asked yourself late at night or in the early morning hours.

“Isn’t there a faster, easier way to do this task?”

In the beginning, you did everything by hand. And you’ve gradually tweaked your approach over the years. You’ve slowly optimized your actions and gotten better over time.

But evolution will only get you so far. Sometimes you need a revolution.