Branding Yourself

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Branding yourself

How do you brand yourself?

Everyone recognizes certain brands. The Warner Bros. shield for example. But do you get recognized?

Of course you are going to recognize the shield. But it has been around, in different formats for nearly 100 years. And the dollars spent on marketing and advertising would be an astounding amount. So the lesson here is that if you have time and money, you can build a well known brand.

But if you are just starting out there are ways to brand yourself. You can:

  1. Advertise – even a guy just beginning can advertise on social media for just a few dollars a day. Think Facebook PPC (pay-per-click) and Twitter PPC. Even Google AdWords can work well.
  2. Video – for branding yourself it is important that people get to see and hear you. That is the beauty of YouTube. You can post for free and start to get recognized.
  3. Blog – your personal blog can be the hub of your online presence. No one can ban you or shut you down. You will own your content and it will be up there as long as you want.
  4. Use Social Media – keep up your posting on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, Slideshare, etc. There are too many places sometimes. But that is a good thing for branding yourself, right?
  5. Engage – go out and find smart people and engage with them. Comment on blog posts and on Facebook. Get in front of the right people. Say smart things and they will pay attention.

The most important thing is to be consistent in branding yourself. Post every day. Yes every single day. That type of consistency will get you noticed. Not many people do that.

Be positive. Don’t be too controversial – unless it suits your purpose to get attention. No one wants to pay attention to a chronic complainer. Would you?

Have fun online today!

PS: For a great resource, click here to check out Posting on Purpose. I know it works.


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