Build Online Authority: How To Get On Someone’s Radar

First ask yourself why this is important. Why would you want to build online authority in the first place?

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Posted by Tom Leonard on Friday, May 15, 2015


Recognition in your industry is a key to success. It builds your authority. But it is important to choose the right people to seek out. Look for authorities in your business. And then put some thought into how to get on their radar.

Build Online Authority

Always aim high. Think of it as when you are picking a tennis partner.

So once you know who you want to approach, how do you do it to build online authority?

  1. Social media is perfect. You are already a Ninja. Start engaging with them by commenting, sharing, liking, retweeting, etc. You know this. But start doing it with a purpose.
  2. Be smart. Show that you read what they put out. Show that you are someone they should be interested in engaging with.
  3. Send email giving them recognition and feedback. Book authors are particularly interested in hearing from fans.
  4. Share their content. This is a good reason to continually build your online audience. You have somewhere to spread their content.
  5. Be consistent. What if you did 5 valuable contacts a day, think of where that would lead over time?
  6. Be patient. Don’t expect one message to put you in their good graces. But over time you will start to get on their radar.
  7. Come from different platforms. Use various social media platforms so you start showing up all over the place. That works.

The absolute best way to get someone’s attention and build online authority?

Create a video testimonial and start sending it around. That is the most powerful way to show that you are a real person, that you have something to say. And that you have been listening.

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