Building a Team

One of the keys to creating online marketing success is building a team. You cannot do everything yourself. You don’t want to do everything yourself. That is why building a team of your own team makes all the difference in achieving your goals.

Building a team

building a teamI have learned from years of corporate America experience that being part of a smart, productive team can be an incredible experience. Not only are you able to accomplish amazing results, but the process is part of the fun.

Truly effective teams are not created by chance. They are by design. Who doesn’t want to work on the A-Team? I know I do.

Top reason to be in network marketing

One of the most important reasons I enjoy working in network marketing is because I get to choose my own team. If there are bozos there, that was my choice. And if they are all winners, I can take the credit for that. How many times in a regular J.O.B. do you feel like you are working with people who don’t know what they are doing? Or worse don’t care? This doesn’t happen if you are the one building a team.


The recruiting process can be tough. Especially when you know exactly who you want when building a team. But rather that thinking of is as a chore, think of it as an opportunity.

Keep in mind the types of criteria that you are looking for when building a team:

  • What skills are needed
  • What attitude will fit in
  • Is this someone you want to be spending a lot of time with
  • Dependability
  • Diversity

Don’t recruit people only like yourself. You want a well-rounded group to complement your own skill-set.

Your job is to always be looking

Because of your flexible choice in careers, when building a team, always be on the lookout for new team members. You will be recruiting all of the time.  In fact in network marketing that is your primary occupation. Finding people to fit on your team.


Once you get your team building skills up to speed, next you will want to focus on duplication. To be successful, you will want to be able to scale the program. To create new and bigger teams. So building a team is never going to be a completed task.

Be selective

Don’t let just anyone join your team. Starting out you may have the impulse to recruit almost anyone. But take your time. Find the right people. The ones that will be the right fit for when you are building a team. Trust me, it is worth the effort.

Are you part of a team?

Ask yourself honestly if you are part of a truly effective team right now? Are you being trained to be successful? Do you like the people you see every day – whether they are in an office or online?

If not, let’s talk. Not that I want recruit you. I just want to make more connections. And hear your stories about how building a team is working out for you. You can reach me on the Contact page. Or on social media.

Have a great week.


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