6 Tips on Finding Business Opportunity Leads in Person

Business opportunity leads are the key to success for any business. Without leads you don’t have a business. How good are you at finding them in person?

If you are in network marketing, you are in sales. There is no way around it. You are selling the business opportunity, products, and most importantly you are selling yourself. And business opportunity leads are important.

Talk to any successful network marketing person and ask how often do they sell products or get team members from a click on a link. The answer I get is always none. Absolutely zero. Online activity – no matter how well it is done – can only get people interested and start to build a relationship. And the sale is done in person, or on the phone.  Personal communication is the key to success.

Business opportunity leads in person

Where do you find business opportunity leads? The best answer is just about everywhere. You only have to keep your eyes open and that lead radar in full gear.

Here are some suggestions that I have found useful:

  1. Practice. It takes a lot of practice to become successful. You will need to go through a lot of rejection and noes before learning the approach that works for you. Some lucky few are naturals at this. For the rest of us, we are all smart enough to learn how it is done.
  2. Look for opportunities. For me, this is the fun part, the challenge. It is like a game. A puzzle. To see how almost any interaction might turn any conversation into a business opportunity lead. Some of my most recent conversations were with the plumber that was fixing some pipes in my house, my insurance agent, and even the guy behind the counter at the vacuum cleaner store. Business opportunity leads are everywhere when you look.
  3. Find people already in sales.  Rather than trying to turn the average person into a sales person, look for people already in sales and present your opportunity. For example, when someone comes to the door at home to sell me something, I always see that as an opportunity. If they already have the mindset to be doing door-to-door selling, I want them on my team. And the same for anyone outside the local grocery store. Well, with the exception of the Girl Scouts when they are selling cookies. I haven’t pitched them. Yet.
  4. Have a call to action. Never leave the conversation asking them to contact you for more information – handing them a business card. Go a step further. Ask for the opportunity for a presentation. Or ask to add them to your email list. Or at least get their phone number. This will be the most productive way to utilize these new business opportunity leads.
  5. Have a 30-second and 2-minute pitch. With practice (see #1 above) you will have two basic pitches. One will be quick lasting only 30 seconds at the most. Then in the right situations you will be able to keep their attention for 2 minutes. Fine tune these conversations. Be very specific about almost every word. It will count.
  6. Keep it short. And never go more than 2 minutes. Your story and presentation deserves more. Remember the goal is to get the next conversation. No one – or almost no one – is going to sign up with you in 120 seconds.

When I started in network marketing I knew I was not a sales person. And I hear that very often from others. But with practice – and success from these types of conversations – I have become a big fan of this face-to-face pitch for my business opportunity.

And the best thing to remember is that any rejection you get is for your opportunity. Not yourself. And if you do it right you always walk away feeling good about yourself for trying. And even more importantly the other person walks away feeling good as well. You never know if it only the first conversation  from your business opportunity leads that will lead to something bigger in the future.

I hope this gave you some things to think about. And to give you encouragement to get out there and start talking.

Have fun.


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