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Buy FB Likes

You want more likes on your Facebook fan page or business page. Who doesn’t? But should you buy FB likes?

There are a lot of places – such as – where for just a few dollars you can buy FB likes. At first it seems like a good deal.

My advice – just as with Twitter – is to never buy followers. And here is why.

The most important reason is that these fake fans won’t be responsive. So you won’t have a real audience engaging with you. And that engagement is very important for Facebook to promote the organic reach of your messages.

Other people may spot the fact that all of a sudden you have hundreds or even thousands of new fans. That will identify you as someone that is trying to present yourself in a way that is not entirely true.

If you are using outside services to promote your business page, often they will charge based on the number of fans you have. So you can be bumped up to a higher price range for the service.

Use other techniques to build your Facebook fan base. Your engagement will be much more genuine.

This is my advice on whether to buy FB likes.

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