Why Call Your Network Marketing Leads: Reason #3: Great Stories

There are many benefits to calling your network marketing leads. As I have already discussed you make money and get practice. Another – and more fun – reason is that you are going to be hearing some great stories.

Now who doesn’t like a good story? And stories sell. By telling a good, even great, story you will be able to paint a picture in someone’s mind. That is how you will be remembered.

When you call your network marketing leads, you are going to be hearing some stories. By listening and learning how others tell their stories you will be able to craft and improve on your own.

And you will also be entertained along the way.

Remember that you are in network marketing. That means you will be working with your network made of of people. And people have stories.

What do people like to talk about the most? Themselves. When you pick up the phone and make the call the most important thing to do is to ask questions about the prospect. That is how you learn and how you can control the conversation.

And don’t ask questions that have only a yes or no answer. Make them open-ended. So people have a chance to talk and tell you their story.

The questions can include:

  1. What keeps you busy these days?
  2. How did you get started in your business?
  3. Who are the most inspiring people in you life?
  4. What is the most appealing part of having a home based business? Or working for yourself?
  5. How’s the business working out?

You get the idea. By asking these open-ended questions not only are people getting a chance to talk about themselves (something they rarely get to do) but you are also getting valuable information that will allow you to lead the conversation to the intended destination. More on that later.

I have heard some great stories. Too many to detail here. But trust me you will be collecting your own.

Have fun picking up the phone!


PS: If you want to learn more about how to find prospects, check out this video on Sponsoring Secrets. It is a great video that shows industry leaders in action.


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