Why Call Your Network Marketing Leads: Reason #2: Practice

If you want to get better with calling your leads for your network marketing program, the only way to do it is to get on the phone. And practice.

Practice makes perfect. Right? Well in this case it certainly helps.

If you are just beginning your network marketing career, you may have mastered the art of attracting leads. But what do you do with them? The right answer is give them a call.

Very few people are natural phone sales people. And that’s what you are wanting to become. Network marketing is sales. So why get on the phone? So it become easier and easier. To the point where picking up the phone is no effort. In fact you want to be talking to a prospect. Because you know that is how you make money.

By practicing you will build your confidence. And that is important. You will need to be very confident to be successful.


There will be plenty of rejection when you start talking to people on the phone. It won’t usually be from someone giving you a hard time, or even being mean to you. It will just take the form of people who tell you no.

Remember that they are saying no to your business opportunity. It is not personal rejection. In fact I have rarely had anyone be anything but polite when I have called. After all, remember that they gave you their number. They wanted to connect with you. They wanted to know more. And the best way is with a phone conversation.

So pick up the phone, and start making calls. One handy technique I do here is to keep track of the number of calls each day. That is how you will be able to show your progress. And most likely there is a direct correlation between the number of calls and your bank account. That is how it works here.

So get moving. Make a call right now. And another, and another. Soon you won’t remember what you were thinking about it being so hard.

Have a great week!


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