Why Call Your Network Marketing Leads: Reason #4: Interesting People

Now that you are getting leads for your network marketing program, are you calling them? That is the only way to make money in this business.

And one of the great reasons to call is that you will be meeting some very interesting people.

From my experience the people I call for my network marketing leads generally turn out to be interesting people. And why not, after all they are probably just like you.

Not only will you hear great stories, but the people telling them will be interesting.

Think of how attraction marketing actually works. If you are putting yourself out there, connecting with like-minded people, it is bound to happen that some of them will be interesting. And when you hit the jackpot, you will find some very interesting ones.

From an experience perspective, you will find three types of people:

  1. People who are just starting out and know a lot less than you do
  2. People just like you, that have been in network marketing for about the same time, and who you can connect with on an equal basis
  3. People who know more than you

You will find people from each of these groups to be interesting. But for different reasons.

The people just starting out will be the most eager to learn, and you will be able to be the teacher, the trainer, the coach. Enjoy this situation and build your authority as you guide someone just beginning.

For people who are more similar to you it is possible to learn from their journey. Compare notes. Tell them your stories. They are a great group to practice with, and there is always the chance that you might be able to work together.

The more experienced people you come into contact with will also be interesting. You will be able to learn something from each and every one of them. Take advantage of that. Never be shy about asking questions. And chances are that they will be more than willing to be seen as the coach.

Now how do you get to hear these interesting people tell interesting stories? Easy. You get on the phone. Don’t expect others to be calling you. It is your role to pick up the phone. Start right now. Today. And you will learn and be entertained.

Good luck on your network marketing journey!


PS:  Looking for more prospects to call? Then check out this video on Sponsoring Secrets. It is a great video that shows industry leaders in action.

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