Why Call Your Network Marketing Leads: Reason #5: Build Rapport

As your network marketing career progresses, either part-time or full-time, you will find that building rapport with people is a key to success.

After all, people buy from people they know, like, and trust. But you already knew that.

Why take the time to build rapport with your prospects on the phone? Easy. So they get to know you. And that rapport can lead to them liking and maybe even trusting you. Then you are golden.

Most importantly, rapport builds likability. That is the first step in your new relationship. Think about the people you want to connect with online or on the phone. Chances are you genuinely like them.

You need to create a friendship. And that is based on your ability to listen and then react to what they say. Think about your favorite thing to talk about. It is yourself, right? Not many people want to admit that. But I know for a fact it is true.

Your skill at listening is a very key element to your success. And I am talking about actually listening. Not just hearing and at the same time only thinking about the next thing you are going to ask or say. Let their response guide the discussion.

Building rapport also depends on your ability to ask questions. Do you have a list of 10 questions ready for every phone conversation? If not start putting them down. Have the list in front of you – after all no one is going to see that you are using notes.

A good rule is on a prospecting call, you can be asking questions 80% of the time. At first that might seem like a lot. But with practice you will improve. And this means that they are talking 80% of the time. Now that should make your part of the conversation a whole lot easier.

And most important, whoever is asking the questions controls the conversation. And that is what you want. You can lead the conversation to the place that you want it to end: in a sale, a conversion, or the ability to have the next conversation.

You already know how to build rapport. You have been doing it all of your life. Now put that skill to use. Build rapport with your prospect. And you will be amazed at where it can take you.

Have fun on your network marketing journey!


PS:   Check out this video on Sponsoring Secrets. It is a great video that shows industry leaders in action. Learn from the best!


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