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How To Pre-Qualify Your Prospects

Time is your most precious resource. You have to learn to focus. And to concentrate on what is most important to your business and your success. Especially how to pre-qualify your prospects.

How To Pre-Qualify Your ProspectsHow To Pre-Qualify Your ProspectsLearn more at:

Posted by Tom Leonard on Sunday, May 17, 2015


Avoid the shiny object syndrome. We have all been guilty of that. And one of the best skills to perfect is how to be talking to only the people who want to hear what you have to say.

This isn’t always the case. At first, if you are new to online marketing, you will be talking to everyone that shows interest. But trust me you will eventually have a larger audience. And it will be important to attract the right crowd for you. That is why you will want to learn the techniques in how to pre-qualify your prospects.

How To Pre-Qualify Your Prospects

4 Way to Pre-qualify Your Prospects

  1. Think of it as a job application.Create a survey in Survey Monkey or on Facebook
  2. Target your marketing.Know your audience and speak directly to them. Don’t try to be too broad. Make your offers, your marketing very specific for your audience so only the right people start talking back to you.
  3. Don’t be afraid to walk awayIf you are talking to a person that is not a good fit for you. Posturing is the key to success. Remember that you have something valuable to offer and don’t be willing to just give it away to everyone.
  4. Don’t give away the whole storyMake your audience want more, so they will be asking you questions

Key to success if to have a plan. Don’t just go too many directions. Again, time is your best resource. So use it wisely. And learn how to pre-qualify your prospects

Another skill will be to know where you want to go and reverse engineer the process.

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What Is A Lead Magnet And How Is It Structured?

So what exactly is a “lead magnet”? Network marketers – as with most people in business – always are looking for leads. And if your business is online – like mine is – you will want to have different ways to attract leads.

What is a lead magnet?

  • lead magnetA lead magnet is a small chunk of value that solves a specific problem for a specific audience that can be offered in exchange for information. This was a great definition I heard recently. And it fits.
  • For a lead magnet you will want to be creating your own offer. Of course you may be promoting affiliate products. But the best lead magnet is one that comes directly from you. Why? Because you want people to be getting value from you. Not from anyone else.
  • You will want to be branding yourself. With your own lead magnet, that will be easy, right? People will see you as an authority who has something to offer. You want them to start to know, like, and trust you.
  • The best lead magnet will be an ultra specific solution. Think of your audience. What do they need? What would help them out the most? Specifically? Do some thinking here. In fact, because you will want to be creating a very specific solution, this will actually make it easier to create.
  • And you will want your lead magnet to appeal to an ultra specific market. You need to know your audience well. And if not, now is the time to put some thought into it. The better you match your specific offer to your specific audience, the better your conversion rate. Make sense?
  • Promise one BIG thing and not something just like “leads” as your lead magnet. Think again to how specific you need to be. Decide what you have to offer and create it.
  • Instead of offering tools, speak to a known desired end result. You want to have the reader think of how your lead magnet will help them out. Put yourself in their shoes.
  • Immediate gratification is also important. You don’t want to have something that take a long time to grasp and digest. Make it powerful and simple enough that the person getting the lead magnet will be able to start using it right away.
  • Move the prospect down the continuance of belief. That means that when they see your lead magnet they will immediately think:  “I can do this!”
  • Now this is the tricky part of the lead magnet. It has to have a high perceived and real value. Too many times you see people offering something that just isn’t worth the time to read. Be different. Really have something of value to offer.
  • Not only do you want the lead magnet to be available right away. You also want something that can be consumed in 5 minutes or so. This is ins’t a hard and fast rule. But you get the idea.
  • And the reason you want it to be consumed quickly is that you want the reader to want more. And that is where the upsell come in.
  • After reading or viewing the lead magnet you want them to think: “What is coming next?” This is the perfect way to have your lead magnet funnel work.

If this makes sense, leave a comment. Or even better, put a link in the comments to your lead magnet for others to see.  Who doesn’t want that?

Have a great week!


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What Is A Capture Page?

What is a capture page and why is it important? If you have been in network marketing, you probably have set up a capture page. It is the best way to get someone to send you their contact information – usually their email address.  But in more detail, what is it?

What Is A Capture Page?

  • what is a capture pageA capture page is an online form that provides something of value in exchange for valuable, personal, actionable, marketing information. As a marketer, you need to have a way to promote your products and services. And with an email address you job has just gotten a lot easier.
  • A capture page has a single message, single call out. It will be clear for the reader what it is that you are offering in exchange for their personal information.
  • The best capture pages are easily understood – in 5 seconds or less. The attention span online dwindles daily. Do not think the viewer is going to take much time trying to figure it all out. So make it easy for them. This will make it easier when thinking about what is a capture page.
  • You need a compelling headline – benefit rich. This is how you get the message across very quickly.
  • A capture page hits the hot buttons of the reader. If they want leads, you should be offering how to generate leads. If they want to sponsor more reps, then you should offer how to accomplish that. The story here is that you really need to know your audience.
  • At the top of a good capture page, the message calls them out so they know they are in the right place. Just start with the word “ATTENTION” and follow it up by who it is you want to attract. This one is simple.
  • Everything on a good capture page is above the fold – no one scrolls anymore. Even on their phone.
  • Include social proof if possible on your capture page. People want to know that they are not the first person you have attracted. Give them a reason to listen to you.
  • Your capture page should have very limited navigation. Ditch the buttons to social media. Do not give people a reason to think about it or learn more. Ask them for what you want.
  • Most good capture pages have limited form fields – ask less and get more. Of course you will want to be testing this out. But the longer the form, the lower your conversion rate. Guaranteed. Does this make sense when asking what is a capture page?
  • Test using video on your capture page. If you do use video, make it of yourself. And keep it brief – no more than 2 minutes at the most.

Does this help answer the question “What is a capture page?”  And is there any perfect model to follow? The real answer is to start testing. And any good capture page platform will allow for all kinds of testing. So you will know what works with your audience.

If you have any questions or comments, contact me.  And if you have a capture page you would like to have checked out, leave me a link below and I will let you know what I think. I am always good for an opinion. And now you hopefully have a better idea of the answer to the question: what is a capture page?

Take care and have a great week!


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Content Marketing Plan

content marketing planWhat is the best content marketing plan? Actually the best one is the one that you can do consistently with generating quality, value driven information for your audience. No matter what format.

Content Marketing Plan

Here are a couple of different approaches that work for me on my content marketing plan:

2 hour per day content marketing plan:

For the 2 hour a day plan this is how it works:

  • Plan out 5 new pieces of content for the week.  I usually have a general theme for the week to build on. For example I might do one on content marketing, or Twitter marketing. I have also done mindset ideas and closing call scripts.
  • Keyword research.  Do keyword research on each title to maximize the potential for SEO. I don’t spend a lot of time on this but I want to at least give the post a fighting chance. I use the Google Keyword planner for this.
  • Creating content.  I then spend 1 hour/day creating the content. I try to do this early in the day, before the best hours for active prospecting online for my business. This really helps to have this consistency in my content marketing plan.
  • Distribution. I then take up to 30 minutes for distribution of the content. This includes posting links to my blog on social media, using emails to my list, and even buying ads if the content is really good.
  • Build audience.  Then I take 30 minutes growing social media. This is what will allow me to have an even better distribution for future content.

1 hour per day content marketing plan:

Here is how I can spend just one hour each day:

  • Content creation. In this approach I create all content on 1 day. This way I can create content based on one particular theme written at the same time.  It turns out better for me this way. If I want to have a new piece of content daily then I write 7 new blog posts.
  • Distribution.  Just as with the 2 hour a day content marketing plan I spend 30 minutes a day on distribution. I use the same channels for either approach.
  • Build audience.  Always then spend 30 minutes a day on my social media growing exercise. Again for the same reasons as above.

Is there a perfect content marketing plan? There is one for you. And it is going to be different from others. But the most important part is to be consistent.

Have a great week there.


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Overcoming Sales Objections #4: How Much Money Do You Make?

This is a familiar question that you will have when overcoming sales objections. The prospect is trying to determine what their chances of success might be. What is the right thing to say?

Overcoming Sales Objections

I don’t come across this question as much as I do the others when overcoming sales objections. There are a few things to consider when it comes up:

  1. Why are they asking?  Do they want to know if you are successful and that will make them more likely to join up? Or are they trying to pin you down with an answer that makes you look like you are just hyping the pitch?
  2. Don’t answer.  Either way, it isn’t important that you give them the real answer. Whether you are doing incredibly well, or just starting out.  When overcoming sales objections, your best approach is to ask them a question in return: “Why are you asking?” or “How much do you make?”.
  3. Why is that important?  Bring up the fact that no matter how much money I make, they will be successful or not based on their own efforts and approach. Mine will be different. So if they expect to make what I make right out of the chute, they are setting themselves up for a fall.

Remember that you never have to answer a question that is asked. We are trained very early in life that when someone asks you something you answer it. But you are an adult now and can make your own decisions, right?

One of the things I have learned in network marketing is to set expectations. No one that I know personally that has made it big in network marketing did it without working hard. Very hard. And that is how I always describe the opportunity to any serious prospect. And you should too.

I hope this makes sense to you. If it does, let me know in the comments below. I always like hearing from people going down the same road as me.

Take care and have a great week.


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Overcoming Sales Objections #3: I Have Tried This Before

Overcoming sales objections in network marketing will be the way you make your living. And grow your business. What happens when the prospect says “I have tried this before”?

Overcoming Sales Objections

When overcoming sales objections a lot of prospects have been down this road before. So you will need to bring up a few ideas if you are going to be successful. Try this approach and ask:

  1. Why is working with this one going to be any different?  Here you are going to be asking them to convince themselves of the right answer. And have them think it is their idea. It doesn’t get much better that that. You want them to start thinking seriously about the question.
  2. And why would this one be different?  The main difference is not the product or the opportunity. But it is you. If you have done a good job of having them know, like, and trust you, then they will come to the realization that you are the difference.
  3. Don’t compare. Your natural instinct will be to start listing off why your program and opportunity are so much better than what they have tried in the past. That may or may not be the truth. So don’t go there. It will only make you sound defensive. And even desperate.

Networking marketing is so common that almost anyone you talk with has already been pitched. Sometimes in a good way and sometimes not. So overcoming sales objections about previous experience can be tough. But you are the difference. Remember that.

I always want to leave the prospect with the idea of how great it would be to work with me. And if I have done my job in searching out the right people, that will not be a stretch.

Have a great network marketing week!



Overcoming Sales Objections #1: I Don’t Have the Money

How do you overcome sales objections in network marketing? Perhaps the most common one is “I don’t have the money”. What do you say?

Overcoming Sales Objections

First of all in most network marketing opportunities, the cost of starting out is low. Very low when you compare it to most small businesses. So what are the chances that the prospect really does not have the money? Probably pretty small. So overcoming sales objections should not be too hard.

But in their mind, the investment is too much. This is where you start asking a few questions. Try these out:

  1. Are you trying to get in or get out? This will set the tone of the conversation. If the prospect really is trying to get out, let them. Save yourself and them a whole lot of time. Seriously. But make sure that is really their answer. If they are trying to get in, it is solution time. Help them out.
  2. Would the find money for this?  One recent recommendation that I heard makes a lot of sense to me. I show them the keys to my Lexus. I ask them if I offered it to them for $599 would they be able to find the money? You know their answer. Of course they would. Now am I really offering them this type of car for such a sweet deal? No way. But I am offering them the opportunity to earn enough money for their own Lexus. Where do they think mine came from? There are several variations on this question. But position it that you are offering something that is so much more valuable than what you are asking that they go for it. Right away.
  3. Let’s fix that problem. When overcoming sales objections, if they are always short of cash, let them know you can fix that. Not with a get-rich-quick scheme. But with a legitimate program where by working hard they can earn their way out. Give them hope. But emphasize the hard work aspect. Be truthful.

In overcoming sales objections, their will be more. But this one is a key hurdle to get over. Then you are on your way.

Make sense on overcoming sales objections? I hope so. Leave your comments below if you think it is something that would work for you.

Have a great week in your business!


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Local Leads – They Are Delivered to My Door Daily for Free

Local leads are a critical way to build your business. Even if you are concentrating online. So how do you get them delivered – for free – to your door daily?

Local leads

Chances are this is already happening. Almost every day I open the door and there are several printed pieces cluttering up my entryway. Or I used to think of them as clutter.  Now I think of them as a free gift. A gift of leads.

local leads

You know what I am talking about, There is a card from a tree-trimming service. One for house cleaning. (Can they see inside and think I need that?) And always one from a local realtor.  As I was picking them up and putting them in the trash I was thinking that I should call the company and complain to them about littering.

But now I am calling them up and thanking them. Why?

Because each one is a lead. There is a phone number for me to call and talk to them about my network marketing opportunity. This is the way I look at the glass half-full and not half-empty.

But why are these some of the best leads that I could receive?

  1. The are local. Instead of having to talk to someone on the phone from across the country or across the world, I can actually go and talk to the prospect in person. And I know that is the best way to build conversion.
  2. They are small businesses. These are not ads from large corporations, they are typically from individuals. And I can sell to people. Not companies.
  3. These guys are hustling.  And in a good way. They are paying money to  find local leads and make money so I know they want to be growing their business. So why not offer them a new form of income?
  4. They are looking to grow their business. Yes they are hustling. But are they so overwhelmed with business that they don’t have time for a new opportunity? Probably not.
  5. They understand sales. They have put their telephone number on my porch hoping that I will pick up the phone and call. They might be thinking of a different sort of call, but they will be glad to hear from you.
  6. Practice. I am always looking for ways to practice making selling phone calls. And what is better than a list with a local leads that is completely free.

Will this work for you? How can it not be productive? At the very least you will be getting great practice. And at the best – think positive here – you will be finding new business leaders to join your team.

Take care and look forward to opening that door today.


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Network Marketing: Overcome Your Fear of the Phone Tip #5: Don’t be Selfish

Are you selfish? Do you try to find and acquire the best things. But then keep them only to yourself?

Hopefully the answer is no, of course not. Don’t you want to share with others?

Don’t be selfish.

Step back and think about what you are doing for just a minute. Are you a network marketing professional? Are you offering great products and services with the opportunity to actually change people’s lives? I know I am. Then why do you want to keep it to yourself? Why not share?

Start by thinking who got you into network marketing. Are you glad they did? What would your life be like if they hadn’t made that connection. Whether it was in person, on the phone, or online. How good would it feel to do the same to others – for them to have that feeling about you?

It would feel pretty good, wouldn’t it.

Think of people who might be struggling in their regular job – or maybe don’t even have a good job. They might be reaching out to find out a new way to live. A new way to earn money. And to find others who think and feel like they do. But they don’t know where to go.

That is where you come in. Remember, you did not get their phone number because you bought it online. They gave it to you. Think of what that means. They actually wanted to be contacted. Otherwise they never would have given out their real number.

So take them up on it. Don’t be selfish with what has impacted your life. Pick up the phone and share it with them.

Now will everyone sound so appreciative when they pick up the phone? In my experience, it has been amazing. More likely than not they want to hear what I have to say. They may not be ready to close the deal, but the door is open. And that is a start.

Share what you have. Share what you know. You might just change someone’s life today. And how amazing would that be? For both of you.

Pick up the phone now. You never know where it might lead. But if you don’t it is pretty certain that nothing will be accomplished. At least with you.

Have a great week!


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Network Marketing: Overcome Your Fear of the Phone Tip #4: Posturing

When you pick up the phone to call your network marketing leads, do you come from a position of strength? To come across as powerful, as someone that the listener will want to join up with as a partner, you have to have the right posture.

Posture – as in sitting up straight in your chair (which is also recommended) – is not what I am describing. It is posturing yourself as the authority. As the one in control of the conversation. And most importantly as someone who has a genuinely valuable offer to make.

First you have to have a product or service that you truly believe in. And hopefully one that you already use yourself with incredible success. If not, you will have a much tougher time setting yourself up as the authority.

But by presenting yourself as someone who is knowledgeable – even more importantly – as successful you will significantly increase your chances of closing the deal.

The single best way to come from a position of power is to realize two things:

  1. You have some of value to offer, and
  2. That you don’t have to make this sale

Do you really need this sale? Who doesn’t want one more customer, or one more business leader joining their team? But if you set yourself up as needing this sale to validate your business and yourself you will come across as desperate. And willing to do anything to close.

The very best network marketers know that they want to make the listener know that they are an important person, and would be valuable to asset to the team. But also to not be afraid to walk away. Even to the point where the listener starts to realize that they may no longer even be allowed to accept the offer.

This is a fine line. And if you practice you will get it right. You want to be welcoming and informative but with the right posture you won’t be desperate and needy. After all who wants to join that person? Would you?

The best way to be able to carry this off – to posture yourself properly – is to have a large source of leads so that in case this one doesn’t work out, another is right there to take their place.

I hope that this starts to get you thinking about how you come across on the phone. I know it has helped me and will help you too.

Good luck picking up the phone and sounding like the authority you know you are.


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