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Trial Offers – When to Use Them to Generate Leads

Trial OffersTrial offers are a standard approach to almost any subscription marketing program. If they are well planned the conversion rate can be rewarding.

Trial Offers

A trial offer is usually an introductory period where a potential customer can try something out before committing to a full purchase. When is the last time you went to a car dealer and they didn’t do almost anything to get you to go for that test drive?

For an online subscription service, the trial offer is a highly tested acquisition tool. Think of the big guys. Netflix offers many free trial offers before signing up (to those few people left that aren’t already subscribers). And they test an incredible number of options to see what works the best. Those guys are really smart.

What should you consider in setting up your trial offer?

  1. How much do you want to give away up front?  With a comprehensive testing plan you will learn what works best for your product or service. You want the new subscriber to see the value in what you are promoting. A good rule is to offer enough so the user understands what they will be getting, but not much more.
  2. Do I want to only offer limited features? Probably not. You want the new user to be able to use all of the feature to become invested in the service. It is easier to limit the time. And it can also be more programming to come up with a limited service.
  3. Do I want a free trial or just a very low introductory cost? This is a tougher question. If it is free the subscription product may not seem as valuable. But you will get more people trying it out. The conversion rate however will be higher if you qualify the customers by having them put in their credit card number. You just want to make sure the introductory price is not a barrier to entry for your trial offers.
  4. Can I try different trial offers at the same time? Of course. That is one of the great things online. You don’t have to offer everyone the exact same plan. Test as much as you possibly can.
  5. But what if a customer sees a different offer? Won’t they complain? This is unlikely, but if they do spot a lower price, give it to them. Make them happy. And it shows you that this is a customer who is doing their research on your service.

There is no exact answer to the right trial offer for your business. And this is the fun part of marketing online. Put together a comprehensive testing plan. Learn what works. Put it in place. And then keep testing.

I believe in the power of the low cost trial offers. If you are serious about building your online business check out these two trial offers.

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Take care and have fun testing.