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Video Streaming Apps

Video Streaming Apps – Some Top Potential Uses

Live video apps have taken the world by storm. What’s really made them so interesting though is not so much what they’re doing right now, as the incredible potential that they hold. People are really only just scratching the surface right now of what can be done with these apps and this means there’s a ton of potential out there for you to tap into.

Video Streaming Apps

Here are some of the top uses for live videos that could really change the world:

Concerts and Events

Didn’t manage to get tickets for that event that you were so excited about? Using an app like video streaming appsPeriscope this need not matter: you can simply use your phone to watch that event through the eyes of someone else who did make it there. The same goes for comedy shows, plays and more.

Better yet, you can use one of  the video streaming apps to see the event through the eyes of many people. Imagine being able to watch your favorite band play from multiple positions in the stadium? Or how about

Security and Armed Forces

Live video streaming apps could completely change the way that we handle security. Imagine if you have 5 guards on duty, each at a different point around the venue. There’s no reason that you can get each of them to film what they’re seeing, thereby allowing their colleagues to provide automatic backup when it’s needed.


Imagine how television could be enhanced through live streaming. You could watch live TV while also having a secondary view of the same event through an app. This is something that broadcasting companies could make great use of!

Virtual Tourism

Meerkat describes its app as being the ‘closest thing to teleportation’. With that then, the mind begins to wonder regarding all the amazing things you could see through the platform. Imagine being able to check out the pyramids in Giza, or being able to see the Grand Canyon. Better yet, imagine getting to see life through the eyes of someone who works in the Eiffel Tower – and imagine the promotional benefit this could have for tourism companies.

Of course tourism isn’t the same as just watching a video, but this is where video streaming apps like Periscope are truly able to come into their own. You can ask the person filming to direct the camera at points of interest and you can chat to strangers in bars – just as though you were there in person!

Would you like to learn more about live streaming? And how it can help you out in your business? Click below to get instant access to my Top 10 Live Streaming Video Streaming Tools Instantly – for free:

Video streaming apps with the Top 10 Live Streaming Video Streaming Tools Instantly

3 Resources to Help You Become a Master Content Marketing Storyteller

how to tell a compelling marketing story

How would you answer the question, “If you were stranded on a deserted island — and could only have five books with you — which five would you choose?”

I’d choose my favorite stories to help me feel less alone and remain motivated.

If stories are powerful enough to bring a sense of belonging to someone subject to the ultimate level of isolation, think of the effect they can have on your clients and customers who are (presumably) integrated into society.

This week’s Copyblogger Collection is a series of three handpicked articles that will show you:

How to build an audience with story
How to identify the most important element of your marketing story
How to use storytelling to create an irresistible content series

As you work your way through the material below, think of the following lessons as a mini storytelling course for content marketers.

How to Build an Audience with Story (From America’s Greatest Living Playwright)

Information is simultaneously too much and not enough. Information is impotent to reach the hearts and minds of those who want to run with your idea, product, or service.

Story, on the other hand, is virile, rare, unforgettable. And when well-crafted, more true than the mere statement of plain facts.

If you think theater and drama have nothing to do with business, Robert Bruce will surprise you in How to Build an Audience with Story (From America’s Greatest Living Playwright).

Without dramatic tension, your content may only pack as much punch as your Aunt Gertrude’s dull, chewy holiday fruitcake — it’s predictable and you’ve seen it before.

The Most Important Element of Your Marketing Story

After you’ve studied Robert’s lesson about dramatic tension, Sonia Simone says:

Whether you want to make a sale, gain an email subscription, or motivate a change in behavior, your dramatic story will fail if it doesn’t have one thing:

A relatable protagonist.

When I become disinterested in a television show or movie, the first thing I notice is that I don’t care about the characters. They could succeed or fail, and it wouldn’t make any difference to me.

In The Most Important Element of Your Marketing Story, Sonia helps you avoid this pitfall when telling your marketing story. She explains how to build a memorable protagonist who your readers become emotionally invested in, so that you can persuade them to take the action you want them to take.

Master This Storytelling Technique to Create an Irresistible Content Series

Flickr Creative Commons Image via Jim Pennucci.

Flickr Creative Commons Image via Jim Pennucci.

Next, get ready to lift your prospects out of their ordinary worlds and invite them to consider a journey that ultimately leads to a transaction.

Demian Farnworth is here with a step-by-step tutorial on how to create that journey. Master This Storytelling Technique to Create an Irresistible Content Series is an in-depth lesson about storyboarding.

Since your competitors are likely writing about similar topics, storyboarding is a technique you can use to craft a special experience readers won’t find anywhere else.

Tell your compelling marketing story

We all have thoughts about what makes our products and services special; the challenge is transforming those ideas into an intriguing narrative that others clearly understand and care about.

Use this post (and save it for future reference!) to help you tell your marketing story to the right audience.

About the authorStefanie Flaxman

Stefanie Flaxman is Rainmaker Digital’s Editor-in-Chief.

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10 People To Follow on Periscope

Are you using Periscope? But not sure what people to follow on Periscope?

Periscope is a live streaming service, available on your iPhone or Android device.  It allows you People To Follow On Periscopeto stream live to your followers – and anyone on Periscope. It is rapidly becoming a huge social media channel, with a reported 7.2 million users.

You can download the app to get started if you aren’t already using Periscope.

Then you will want to start following people. But with so many people out there who are the people to follow on periscope? Here are my recommendations to get a feel for the type of broadcasts you can watch to learn about online marketing:

10 People To Follow on Periscope

Katie Lance

Social media consultant and speaker. Contributor @HuffingtonPost #GetSocialSmart 📲

Jay Howard

Broadcasting my Periscope daily show #LiveWithJay every evening! Los Angeles.

Australia WOW

7.45am Sydney | 10.45pm London | 2.45 Los Angeles – HARDCORE Marketing Advice NSFW. Really.

Brian Fanzo

I Talk Fast & Tweet Faster | Social Technology & Change Evangelist | Millennial Speaker | Proud Dad 3girls | Podcaster |

Kim Garst

Daily Scopes on Social Media and Business tips and tricks #BeYOU

Bear Bangs

👨 Single Dad Teaching My Kids Entrepreneurship 🎉 #Weight Loss Warrior 🚴 #Coach 🏁 #Prosperity Coach 💰Financial Freedom Fighter 👨 All-Around OK Guy 👍

Robert C Stern

Founder ♦️ The Social Leader. Help businesses grow with the use of Social Media.

Todd Falcone

Entrepreneur, Coach and Trainer in the Network Marketing Profession

Grant Cardone

Daily Scopes on Money, Business, Start Ups, Real Estate, Sales, and Inspiration, No Bullshit for Entrepreneurs – Bring your questions?

Chris Sacca

Investor in Twitter, Uber, Instagram, Kickstarter & other startups.

Okay, I should have made this list the top 11 people to follow on Periscope. Here is my Periscope name: @tomleonard.

Once you start using the service, you will quickly find your own list of people to follow on Periscope. And discovery is part of the fun.

Two more pieces of advice on using Periscope

  1. Start watching a ton of Periscope broadcasts. That is the best way to learn who appeals to you. And who is adding value and not just pitching their products.
  2. Start broadcasting. If you are already doing video, this will be easy. If you feel a bit uncomfortable at first, that is normal. The best way to become a Periscope pro is to just dive in.


Periscope Video Streaming: 5 People I Learned From This Week

Periscope Video Streaming

5 People I Learned From On Periscope This Week

I have been watching a lot of Periscope Video Streaming broadcasts. And doing a few myself. I am learning all the time.

The people I like learn the most from are ones that are truly using video broadcasting media in a way they can’t on regular video.

Here are my top 5 for this week from watching Periscope video streaming (in no particular order)

  1. Rosalie Tenseth – @rosalietenseth: Rosalie is in the entertainment industry and she was talking to writers. In particular she was asking what was holding people back from writing. She was an expert on drawing people out and answering their questions. Helping them along.The most important thing I learned from Rosalie: You can use Periscope as a sounding board for your ideas.
  2. Chris Sacca – @sacca: Chris Sacca is one of the big time investors in Silicon Valley. It is interesting to hear his view from the top. The very top. You can tell that he is a positive force in his businesses. And I could learn somethings from the inside. In the time that I worked up in that industry, I can to realize that it is led – for the most part – by smart people interested in doing big things.The most important thing I learned from Chris was that people should use their opportunity in their education to become as well-rounded as possible.
  3. Bear Bangs – @bearbangs:  Bear was on a couple of Periscope broadcasts that I heard today. He does a lot of them. And he comes across as very authentic, Very genuine. No shouting and emoticon explosions from him. And I liked that.The two things I learned from Bear (his real name) is to be yourself and to be persistent.
  4. Eddie Harvey – @eddieharvey: Eddie is in network marketing. And I will guess he is really successful at it. The broadcast I saw was him sitting in his car calling his leads. You can go to a ton of webinars and buy a lot of courses to teach you this stuff (spending a lot of money doing it). Or you can just watch him on the phone on Wednesdays. Great stuff. Really.The most important thing I learned from Eddie was – if you are in network marketing – is to get on the phone. You will probably not be that good at first. But you have to do it. Practice makes a pro. Eddie is a pro.
  5. Potential Business Partner:  I have been thinking about doing a project based on the Periscope platform. And have been looking for people to work with. And I found someone that will be a good fit. But because I was able to see him in action, I could tell he was good.The most important thing I learned was to have a plan. And go for it.

On Periscope video streaming my name is @tomleonard. Follow me and you can see all of the upcoming broadcasts.

You can also find me on Twitter at:

periscope video streaming

Are You a Super-Struggling Network Marketer?

Struggling network marketer? Many network marketers are “struggling”. In fact most have yet to make back the amount they spent to join up. But what if you haven’t made a sale yet? Or had a decent lead? Then you might be a “super-struggling” home based business owner. Here are the 14 steps I offer to anyone who comes to me in that situation:

14 Tips for Super-Struggling Network Marketers

  1. Talk to your sponsor.  They have the most to gain from you being successful, right? And they must know something if they got you to join. So have a discussion with them on what you can do to move ahead in your business. Most of them will listen. And if they see that you are willing to put in the effort, they will help. Chances are they were also a struggling network marketer at one time.
  2. Use company training. All reputable network marketing companies have a training program. Most of it may be on line. And some in person. Take advantage of it. Do not approach it with the idea that it is outdated and doesn’t teach you the right stuff in the world of the internet. People have become very successful using that training. So do not miss out on that opportunity.
  3. Focus. When you start promoting online – and that will be a key to your success – focus on one social strategy and one content strategy. One mistake I see so many people making is that they try to do everything. And don’t master anything. So focus on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. and on blogging, or video, Become a master of those before branching out. One bonus tip I heard the other day is that if you are consistently getting 10 solid leads a day or more from a strategy, you can think of yourself as a master of it.  Until you get there, focus. Most struggling network marketer do not focus enough.
  4. Leads are everywhere.  Sometimes you might think that there is no one to talk to. But use your imagination. For example if anyone comes to my door selling something they never walk away without knowing about my network marketing opportunity. The best list of leads I have seen is from Ray Higdon. Click here to check out his 29 Sources of Leads. You see, even Ray was a struggling network marketer once.
  5. Make 2 contacts a day. Talk to at least two people every single day about your network marketing opportunity or products. More if you can., But be consistent. This is probably the most important tip of all.
  6. Follow up. Another step that many people leave out – and are rarely successful – is to follow up on their leads. If you have made a presentation or had a conversation, make sure you have the ability to follow-up. And continue to follow-up until you get a clear answer.
  7. Meditate. Being a network marketer is extremely stressful. You need to be able to turn that off. The best way I have found is to meditate. Just a few minutes each day can reset your mind so you can continue. Do not underestimate the power of this daily break. Will this fix the problem of being a struggling network marketer? No, but your life will be less hectic.
  8. Set up a schedule. You will no longer be a struggling network marketer if you have a real schedule to follow. Your network marketing career is a job, right? Or is it just a hobby? To make it a job you need a schedule. Set it up and follow it. If you are full-time, you have a lot of time to schedule. If you are part-time it is even more critical that you make the best used of your time. You have a schedule at your regular job so why not now?
  9. Personal development. Take time each and every day to read a book, listen to a podcast or video, or hear a morning wake-up call. Be consistent and over time it is amazing the information that you will have learned.
  10. Check into lead generation tools. I will bet that your network marketing opportunity already has some tools in place. Make sure you are familiar with them. But to be really successful you should look at proven programs that can give you all of the tools you need. These tools are not usually free. At least the ones that work. But it can be free to test them out. Look for the link below for the system I have found to be useful.
  11. Find people to follow. Research 5 people that you respect and want to know more about. Then follow them on social media. Subscribe to their emails and read them. Check out their web sites. This is almost always free. Take advantage of what people are putting out there. After all, there is no reason to re-invent the wheel if someone is handing it to you, right? And they were probably a struggling network marketer once.
  12. Close your first sale. If you haven’t made a single sale. Or generated one lead. Then get to it. That first one is the toughest. But you need to feel what success – no matter how small – feels like.
  13. Mastermind. Find 3 people to work with together. They can be in your company. Or with other network marketing opportunities. But use social media to form a small group that can support each other. Celebrate each others’ success. And keep negativity out of it.
  14. You are not alone. Everyone, no matter how successful they are today, has been in your situation. They have been a struggling network marketer. Remember that. Everyone had to start out in the same place. This will remind you that there is absolutely no reason you can’t be successful either.

These are the 14 tips I review with everyone who comes to me and is really a struggling network marketer as they start out on their home based business journey. Review these steps and see where you can make a difference in  your current approach. Trust me, you can do it.

Want to know more?

After checking out these 14 tips and you would like to talk more, just let me know. You can call me at (747) 333-8789. I get busy so you might go to the machine. Just leave a message on when to call you back and I will do it.  Or you can also find me on Twitter where my name is @tomeleonard. Let’s work on your current situation of being a struggling network marketer.

I hope this helps. I have talked to so many people who struggling network marketer. And most just need a little direction.

To learn more about the lead generation program I use to generate leads, click here for the video:

Good luck and I hope to hear from you soon. And we will do everything we can so that you are no longer a struggling network marketer.


Is Anyone Interested in Joining Up to Crush Webinars in 2015?

Hey is anyone interested in joining up to crush webinars in 2015?

I have been talking with a buddy of mine – Steve Jaffe – who is doing some amazing things with webinars. His results have been incredible. And Steve is a smart guy.

He is putting together a 6-week intensive course starting on January 5, 2015 – Webinar Sales Magic. I can’t wait to get started.

Sound good? You can see the details at:

But the good part: Want to Team Up?

If you are interested I am creating a small group to go through this course together. We will collaborate, test, learn, and produce results for each individual of the team.

This will be a small group that is really interested in taking what Steve teaches – along with his other presenters – to exceed all expectations.

Sound interesting? Want to know more? Want to Join?

Click here to get started:

And don’t wait too long. Once we get the team in place we will be off and running.

Are you in?


PS: Why should you listen to Steve? As I said he is smart. But he has been testing and tracking almost every aspect of his webinar funnel. That means that we can get off to a running start. Never re-invent the wheel if someone is offering you a ride.

Details on Steve’s course:

5 Ways to Make Money Online if You Know Social Media

social media internAre you a social media marketing ninja and looking for ways to make more money?

But because you are just starting out you have to take a job with lousy pay? Maybe you are a social media intern and don’t make anything. But you do it to get that experience on your resume. Sound familiar?

I have worked with some very talented people at entertainment companies here in Los Angeles. These amazing social media marketing ninjas knew their way around social media. They could post things on Facebook and get incredible engagement. They could set up and run a Twitter giveaway in a matter of minutes. Literally. And when new platforms emerged they were the first ones to show the established marketing staff how things were done. Okay, they did have an advantage. Most of them didn’t really remember the world before the internet. That helps.

But most of the time the pay was miserable. They were hired because we were a big media company and people would sign on just to have an incredible name on their resume.

If you know your way around social media, what options do you have to make money part-time while continuing with your job?

Here are the top 5 ideas:

  1. Sell affiliate products
  2. Find leads and make money
  3. Hire your services to set up social media programs
  4. Freelance running someone else’s social media program
  5. Teach others what you know

Two things to remember. First, hard work is part of the equation. None of these will pay off the way you want by skating by. The good news is that the harder you work the more you can make. Is that true in your day job?

And second, these are legitimate opportunities. Of course there are a ton of “get-rich-quick” schemes out there. The ones where you have to make a big investment up front with little chance of return. The smell test is that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. But you are smart. You already know that.

I have several years of internet marketing experience. And now I am building a smart team of people who want to keep their job but also want to make some money.

Here is my background on LinkedIn:

Interested in learning more?

Let’s set up a time to talk. You can schedule the 20 minute phone conversation here:

This will be an opportunity to see if we fit, if we can work together. This is not a sales call. Trust me you won’t be asked to pull out your credit card. Guaranteed.

Have a great week!


Local Leads – They Are Delivered to My Door Daily for Free

Local leads are a critical way to build your business. Even if you are concentrating online. So how do you get them delivered – for free – to your door daily?

Local leads

Chances are this is already happening. Almost every day I open the door and there are several printed pieces cluttering up my entryway. Or I used to think of them as clutter.  Now I think of them as a free gift. A gift of leads.

local leads

You know what I am talking about, There is a card from a tree-trimming service. One for house cleaning. (Can they see inside and think I need that?) And always one from a local realtor.  As I was picking them up and putting them in the trash I was thinking that I should call the company and complain to them about littering.

But now I am calling them up and thanking them. Why?

Because each one is a lead. There is a phone number for me to call and talk to them about my network marketing opportunity. This is the way I look at the glass half-full and not half-empty.

But why are these some of the best leads that I could receive?

  1. The are local. Instead of having to talk to someone on the phone from across the country or across the world, I can actually go and talk to the prospect in person. And I know that is the best way to build conversion.
  2. They are small businesses. These are not ads from large corporations, they are typically from individuals. And I can sell to people. Not companies.
  3. These guys are hustling.  And in a good way. They are paying money to  find local leads and make money so I know they want to be growing their business. So why not offer them a new form of income?
  4. They are looking to grow their business. Yes they are hustling. But are they so overwhelmed with business that they don’t have time for a new opportunity? Probably not.
  5. They understand sales. They have put their telephone number on my porch hoping that I will pick up the phone and call. They might be thinking of a different sort of call, but they will be glad to hear from you.
  6. Practice. I am always looking for ways to practice making selling phone calls. And what is better than a list with a local leads that is completely free.

Will this work for you? How can it not be productive? At the very least you will be getting great practice. And at the best – think positive here – you will be finding new business leaders to join your team.

Take care and look forward to opening that door today.


PS. I have found Sponsoring Secrets to be the absolute best video for learning how to prospect. Click here to check out the free video.

Getting Likes on Facebook

Instagram Training, Learn from the Pro’s:

Getting Likes on Facebook

So you have just set up a new Facebook business page or fan page. So now you will want to figure out getting likes on Facebook.

You have a few different approaches to use getting likes on Facebook. Use some or all of the ideas mentioned below:

  1. Invite your existing fans and friends.
  2. Buy an ad on Facebook Pay-Per-Click to promote you page.  This can be a great way to build your audience for surprisingly little money. In fact, just a few dollars a day will add up over time.
  3. Use other social networks where you already have an audience – such as Twitter, YouTube, or others such as Pinterest.
  4. Promote your page at every opportunity. Your blog – if you have one – is always a good place to promote your Facebook activities.
  5. Use off-line media as well. Your advertising and even your business cards should list your Facebook fan page for getting likes on Facebook.
  6. Start every business connection introduction with an invitation to join your email list as well as your Facebook page when appropriate.

Now be creative. You would be amazed how many online and off-line connections you have. And by just adding a few new fans a day the result will be substantial.

Always be inviting when getting likes on Facebook. That positive approach works very well.

This is my short list of getting likes on Facebook.

Check us out on Facebook at:
And give me a call with any questions at: (747) 333-8789