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Marketing Opportunities Using Live Streaming

Marketing Opportunities Using Live Streaming – More Marketing Opportunities Presented by Live Video

Marketers are clamoring right now to get onto live streaming apps like Periscope and Meerkat and everyone is currently very excited for all the possibilities that it offers them.

The main advantage to something like Periscope as far as a marketer is concerned is that it will marketing opportunities using live streamingallow them to find a new audience in a space that currently isn’t over saturated. Create fitness content? Then you’re probably only competing with around 3 other vloggers on Meerkat and you can bet that every video you upload will result in large numbers of new followers. This is very exciting and something that you really shouldn’t underestimate the value of.

Marketing Opportunities Using Live Streaming

But it goes far beyond that. Live video is not just a new way to create content – it’s a new way to interact with your audience. This means that it can offer some truly unique marketing opportunities using live streaming that no other platform can for any marketer. Here are some examples:

Building Relationships

What’s more important than having lots of fans, is having fans who are truly engaged with your content and who really love what you do. You can help to build this kind of trust, authority and relationship by simply interacting with your fans more through live video. This will give them the opportunity to talk to you through the video and to have you react in real time. Meanwhile, you’ll be able to survey your audience and discuss matters with them.

New Products and Services

If you’re looking for a new digital product or service you can offer, then imagine the potential for seminars and conferences through something like Blab. This way you can teach your audience in an almost one-to-one session once they’ve paid for entry and this can offer a lot more value than simply watching some pre-recorded videos. How much would you pay to get to ask questions directly to your favorite blogger? This is one of the best marketing opportunities using live streaming.


You can also use live video to directly sell products and this is something you can do right now. Better yet, people can ask you questions about the product and ask to see different features live on air!


Of course this interaction also gives you a perfect way to survey your audience, to learn what they like and don’t like about your products and to generally provide better quality service.

Influencer Marketing

If you join in with a ‘blab’ then you’ll instantly be seen by all the followers that follow that other user. If you make a good impression this is a fantastic form of influencer marketing that can gain you huge numbers of followers.

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Periscope vs Meerkat – Or Blab?

Periscope vs Meerkat vs Blab: A Comparison

Once you make the decision to get involved in live video streaming, one of the first questions you’ll face is which platform you’re going to invest the most time in. Meerkat, Blab and Periscope are three of the biggest platforms of their type and in many ways they’re very similar. How do you know where to start?

Periscope vs Meerkat vs Blab


One thing that makes this a little easier is the fact that Meerkat, Blab and Periscope have some differences when it comes to their focus. Periscope is currently aimed more at the commercial periscope vs meerkatuser and you’ll find that a lot of the content is very voyeuristic in nature – people chatting about their day, or just filming themselves on the way to work. Meerkat meanwhile is a little more organized with scheduled posts uploaded by big name marketers like Tai Lopez.

Then you have Blab which is all about conversations. This acts like a video conferencing app where strangers can watch and even take part in the conversation.


In terms of size, Periscope has the lead and this is in no small part thanks to the fact that it’s owned by Twitter. Meerkat and Blab are slightly smaller, but Blab is still in beta at this point so likely has a lot more growing to do. All three of them are quite ‘empty’ right now, which is actually one of the big advantages.


Periscope has the best UI and interface and looks very modern, slick and well put together. It has an Android app and an iOS app and it provides lots of tools for finding specific content. Meerkat is considerably less well-thought out in its navigation though this is largely due to a dearth of content – there’s no real need for advanced filtering yet. Blab is more well designed and on-par at least with Periscope – but what really lets it down is a lack of Android app. On the other hand, you can use Blab through your PC browser which may be seen as an advantage.


While the three platforms are very similar, some exclusive features set each of them apart. For instance, Periscope will store your content for about 24 hours after you upload it which is very handy. Blab goes further and keeps your content indefinitely, whereas Meerkat simply deletes it.

Meerkat’s useful features though are an ability to show images during your feeds and to schedule your posts. Blab also lets you schedule posts.

I hope this helps to explain some of the differences between Periscope vs Meerkat vs Blab. And remember that things are changing all the time.

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Improve Live Streaming Video

Improve Live Streaming Video – How to Increase the Quality of Your Video Streams

Video streaming is quickly taking off as one of the next ‘big things’ in internet marketing. This is a platform that essentially gives us the ability to watch live feeds from people all around the world, thereby becoming a ‘fly on the wall’ or seeing the world through their eyes. The pimprove live streaming videopotential uses are almost limitless and it’s understandably creating a lot of excitement and buzz.

This is the appeal of live video streaming and really the quality of the content is besides the point. Mostly this footage is going to be filmed on handsets, which means the resolution will probably be low and the filming will probably be shaky.

Improve Live Streaming Video

But while this is part of the charm, it can also be off-putting. If you want to provide the best content possible for your audience then you need to think about how you can improve your video quality. Here are some things to consider…


Mostly video streams will be filmed through a camera phone, or in the case of Blab a web cam. Either way, these are likely to be relatively low-quality, especially as the phone footage will probably use the front-facing camera.

However, to make your resolution a little more crisp, you can consider investing in a better camera phone with a higher resolution front facing camera. And just as important is the temporal resolution – AKA the framerate. This is more often an issue with webcams.


Think too about your sound. This will be partly determined by your camera but is also going to be somewhat dictated by the environment (how are the acoustics?) and how close you’re sitting to the microphone.


You also need to think about the backdrop of your videos. Ideally, you want to create a professional vibe around your video, so that means the backdrop should look professional and should look tidy and organized. Don’t film in your front room with washing piled up in the background!

Likewise, think about lighting. Ideally you should look for light sources on your left or right side to create what’s known as ‘Rembrandt’ lighting.


Another very important tip on how to improve live streaming video is to make sure that you have a stable connection. There’s nothing more frustrating than a video that keeps freezing and stopping halfway through. Make sure that you’re on a good connection and always stream over WiFi rather than a data connection where possible.

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6 YouTube Tips to Improve Your Search Rank

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Are your YouTube views falling? Do you need to rank higher in YouTube search results? Understanding how you can take advantage of YouTube’s algorithm will help your channel and videos be seen by more people. In this article you’ll discover how to make your video rank higher in YouTube search results. #1: Align Content Development With Viewer Searches To get a leg […]

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5 Ways to Tap the Power of Online Video Content

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It seems that consumers simply cannot get enough online video content. Online video consumption is expected to account for 80 percent of the world’s internet traffic by 2019. Consumption of video content is rising dramatically as sites like Facebook make it even easier for people to record, upload and play videos from computer, tablets and smartphones. People love video content and are beginning to expect it from the places where they want to purchase products and services.

So what does all this online video love mean for small businesses?

Simply put – if you don’t have an online video presence, you need one. And now.

Here are some simple ways to ease into the online video realm:

Provide information.

Make your target consumer base want to click on your videos by giving them a reason. Consider tutorials that implement your products, or even just fact presentations that support the need for products or services that you offer. Remember to…

Periscope Video Streaming: 5 People I Learned From This Week

Periscope Video Streaming

5 People I Learned From On Periscope This Week

I have been watching a lot of Periscope Video Streaming broadcasts. And doing a few myself. I am learning all the time.

The people I like learn the most from are ones that are truly using video broadcasting media in a way they can’t on regular video.

Here are my top 5 for this week from watching Periscope video streaming (in no particular order)

  1. Rosalie Tenseth – @rosalietenseth: Rosalie is in the entertainment industry and she was talking to writers. In particular she was asking what was holding people back from writing. She was an expert on drawing people out and answering their questions. Helping them along.The most important thing I learned from Rosalie: You can use Periscope as a sounding board for your ideas.
  2. Chris Sacca – @sacca: Chris Sacca is one of the big time investors in Silicon Valley. It is interesting to hear his view from the top. The very top. You can tell that he is a positive force in his businesses. And I could learn somethings from the inside. In the time that I worked up in that industry, I can to realize that it is led – for the most part – by smart people interested in doing big things.The most important thing I learned from Chris was that people should use their opportunity in their education to become as well-rounded as possible.
  3. Bear Bangs – @bearbangs:  Bear was on a couple of Periscope broadcasts that I heard today. He does a lot of them. And he comes across as very authentic, Very genuine. No shouting and emoticon explosions from him. And I liked that.The two things I learned from Bear (his real name) is to be yourself and to be persistent.
  4. Eddie Harvey – @eddieharvey: Eddie is in network marketing. And I will guess he is really successful at it. The broadcast I saw was him sitting in his car calling his leads. You can go to a ton of webinars and buy a lot of courses to teach you this stuff (spending a lot of money doing it). Or you can just watch him on the phone on Wednesdays. Great stuff. Really.The most important thing I learned from Eddie was – if you are in network marketing – is to get on the phone. You will probably not be that good at first. But you have to do it. Practice makes a pro. Eddie is a pro.
  5. Potential Business Partner:  I have been thinking about doing a project based on the Periscope platform. And have been looking for people to work with. And I found someone that will be a good fit. But because I was able to see him in action, I could tell he was good.The most important thing I learned was to have a plan. And go for it.

On Periscope video streaming my name is @tomleonard. Follow me and you can see all of the upcoming broadcasts.

You can also find me on Twitter at:

periscope video streaming

How to Make a Facebook Video

Have you been on Facebook recently? Of course you have. But what have you been seeing the most. Video, right?

I know that my news feed is full of video. Some are entertaining, some are cute (too cute How To Make a Facebook Videosometimes) and some are educational. Why are we all seeing so many videos? Because that is what gets people engaged on Facebook. And that is why you should be asking how to make a Facebook video.

What type of video should I use on Facebook?

  1. Know Your Audience:  As in all of your marketing, you need to know who you want to attract to your business. What are their “pain points” that you can address. And what solutions do you offer?
  2. Shorter than YouTube: Facebook video is different than YouTube video. It needs to be shorter. People have an even shorter attention span on Facebook – if that is even possible. So keep it to the point when you are considering how to make a Facebook video.
  3. Have a very engaging opening: The opening 5 seconds of your video are the key to success. People make a very quick decision, so have an opening that gets their attention.
  4. Be on camera: People like seeing people. Don’t you? So rather than doing a simple screen shot of doing something interesting, be on camera. That is what will get people’s attention.
  5. What video captures your attention? This is the easy part. Just think of what gets your attention when you see a video on Facebook. Take a moment to understand what got your attention. Now you know the secret.

How to make a Facebook video

The video content has a set formula that you can use:

Introduction (15 seconds)

  1. Grab attention
  2. Be out there
  3. Do not be shy
  4. Be interrupting

Content (60 seconds)

  1. This is the “meat” of the video – what people are going to learn
  2. Add value and not just pitch your business
  3. Think of what will help your audience
  4. The best approach on how to make a Facebook video is to think of their pain point resolution
  5. Talk about the audience – not yourself
  6. And always consider: “What is the desired outcome?”

Call to Action (30 second)

  1. Have only one call to action. Don’t confuse the audience.
  2. Make it very clear
  3. Direct the viewer, don’t make it hard to understand
  4. And tell them “why” they should do what you ask

Using this super-simple formula when you think of how to make a Facebook video will not only make it easier to do. It will also be more effective. This is how industry experts create their videos. And so should you.

Have a great week on Facebook!


PS: Are you thinking of building up your online marketing skills? I have been using an amazing program that teaches how to make a Facebook video. And a lot more. Click here to see the video for yourself.

Video Advertising on Twitter

How do you set up video advertising on Twitter? Social media video advertising has been proven to be an incredible way to build a business online. But most of the recent attention has been on Facebook. So can it work on Twitter?

First let’s review the basic concept on social media video advertising. Here is how it works at a top level:

  1. You create a short – very short – video that get’s the viewer’s attention. This is going to be different than your YouTube videos. On that platform the videos are going to be longer with more information and may run a few minutes long. For video advertising, you want to get right to the point.
  2. Your video should follow this simple format:  Intro, Content (pain), and Call to Action (solution). Focus a lot on the Intro as the viewer will very quickly decide if this is something that will help them out or not. This is easy to do when you set up video advertising on Twitter.
  3. Use a social media advertising platform to create the video ad. Facebook is the most popular solution. The video will get a much higher level of attention than almost any other format.
  4. Select your audience. This is very important. You don’t want to go to a broad audience, but to a very specific one. This targeting will give you the highest ROI for your ad dollars. And you will want to test out a lot of different audiences before hitting the gas with your ad budget.
  5. Use the right bidding option. Depending on your platform you can pay for impressions, views, or clicks. Again testing is key to success.
  6. Continually monitor the ad performance. And I mean daily if not more often. This way you can funnel your budget to what works. The really successful PPC marketers will always tell you this. And I agree.

One of the best things about this marketing strategy is that the audience that sticks around will be very motivated. The video will weed out anyone not interested in exactly what you are promoting if you do this right.

The short video should also make the viewer want to know more. Never tell the whole story – and you won’t be able to in such a short video format. And that is a good thing.

Why does video work so well? Whether you are on Facebook or doing video advertising on Twitter, they get to see you.  As you already know people buy from people they know, like, and trust. And nothing build up authority and trust better than video.

Okay, now that we have covered the basics, how can this work on Twitter?

Video Advertising on Twitter

Most of the training that you will find on social media video advertising shows how do make this strategy successful on Facebook. But the exact concept works just as well on Twitter. Why is that?

Because video advertising on Twitter has the same two features as you will find on Facebook: you can promote a message that includes video and you can target your audience.

For example here is one of my Tweet’s that shows video that I have hosted on Vimeo. But you can use video from any video hosting platform:

video advertising on twitter example

Now all I need to do is to promote this Tweet using the Twitter Ad Manager. And as an example here you can see some of the audience targeting options on Twitter:

video advertising on Twitter audience selection

As you can see, just like with Facebook, you can target the audience using keywords, interests, and even followers.

Hidden Benefit of Using Twitter

And the best thing about using this video advertising on Twitter strategy is that very few people are doing it. So you have the chance to stand out much better than if you are following the crowd on Facebook.

This is just an overview of the way you can use Twitter and videos to promote your products and services or even yourself.  But there is a way you can get an incredible training course from Mark Harbert – the guy who has been so successful in the video world – that shows you how this strategy is done.

Click on the banner below to see the details on his course:

I know people who have gone through the course and it is amazing what it has done for their online business. Just remember to think “Twitter” every time he says “Facebook” and you will be able to implement the same strategies on Twitter.  I cannot recommend this course high enough. It will be a great way to get you started video advertising on Twitter.

I hope this gives you something to think about. For me part of the fun of building a successful online business is learning from the pro’s – like Mark – and then implementing.

Action = Results.

Have a great week, and I look forward to seeing your video ads showing up on Twitter!