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Live Streaming Legal Questions

How to Help Avoid Legal Troubles on Live Streaming Platforms

What about live streaming legal questions? Every new technology is likely to go through some sort of growing pains before it reaches its full potential and live video streaming is no different.mediabanner

At the moment, apps like Meerkat and Periscope are still so small as to not present much of a threat. There are a small number of users here, so they collectively can’t do all that much damage.

Live Streaming Legal Questions To Consider

But as the users grow, expect there to be some live streaming legal issues that come to light. And one of the most pressing of these will be the legal concerns surrounding copyright, privacy and surveillance.


Privacy will be a big issue because it will become even easier for people to share videos of us without our consent – and unlike YouTube there will be no evidence that it ever happened.

If you want to set up a camera to film the view from your window of passers by, is this something you’re legally permitted to do? A good question for live streaming legal consideration.

In most countries the answer is yes and you can film anyone you like as long as they are in a public space where they might reasonably expect to be seen by other people anyway. If you’re on their private property though, then you stand to face legal repercussions.

The caveat is that people should be able to request to have their face blurred out – though there’s no means for doing this on a live streaming app. What’s more, the law is going to vary in different countries which will present some unique challenges for these apps in the future.


This issue is also quite likely to result in protests from people who don’t like the idea of a ‘surveillance state’. Imagine a world where everyone is using Periscope – the government will instantly have eyes on every street. This is an live streaming legal issue for the makers of the app to tackle though and not for most vloggers to worry about.


Copyright is also going to be an issue. Being able to watch any concert or comedy show around the world is one of the exciting promises of live streaming but it obviously presents issues.

How this will play out is again yet to be seen, but just make sure that you’re careful not to include copyright music, video or other content without getting express permission first. Of course it’s unlikely there will be repercussions for having some music on in the background while you talk – but just be careful with this live streaming legal issue!

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Marketing Opportunities Using Live Streaming

Marketing Opportunities Using Live Streaming – More Marketing Opportunities Presented by Live Video

Marketers are clamoring right now to get onto live streaming apps like Periscope and Meerkat and everyone is currently very excited for all the possibilities that it offers them.

The main advantage to something like Periscope as far as a marketer is concerned is that it will marketing opportunities using live streamingallow them to find a new audience in a space that currently isn’t over saturated. Create fitness content? Then you’re probably only competing with around 3 other vloggers on Meerkat and you can bet that every video you upload will result in large numbers of new followers. This is very exciting and something that you really shouldn’t underestimate the value of.

Marketing Opportunities Using Live Streaming

But it goes far beyond that. Live video is not just a new way to create content – it’s a new way to interact with your audience. This means that it can offer some truly unique marketing opportunities using live streaming that no other platform can for any marketer. Here are some examples:

Building Relationships

What’s more important than having lots of fans, is having fans who are truly engaged with your content and who really love what you do. You can help to build this kind of trust, authority and relationship by simply interacting with your fans more through live video. This will give them the opportunity to talk to you through the video and to have you react in real time. Meanwhile, you’ll be able to survey your audience and discuss matters with them.

New Products and Services

If you’re looking for a new digital product or service you can offer, then imagine the potential for seminars and conferences through something like Blab. This way you can teach your audience in an almost one-to-one session once they’ve paid for entry and this can offer a lot more value than simply watching some pre-recorded videos. How much would you pay to get to ask questions directly to your favorite blogger? This is one of the best marketing opportunities using live streaming.


You can also use live video to directly sell products and this is something you can do right now. Better yet, people can ask you questions about the product and ask to see different features live on air!


Of course this interaction also gives you a perfect way to survey your audience, to learn what they like and don’t like about your products and to generally provide better quality service.

Influencer Marketing

If you join in with a ‘blab’ then you’ll instantly be seen by all the followers that follow that other user. If you make a good impression this is a fantastic form of influencer marketing that can gain you huge numbers of followers.

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Periscope vs Meerkat – Or Blab?

Periscope vs Meerkat vs Blab: A Comparison

Once you make the decision to get involved in live video streaming, one of the first questions you’ll face is which platform you’re going to invest the most time in. Meerkat, Blab and Periscope are three of the biggest platforms of their type and in many ways they’re very similar. How do you know where to start?

Periscope vs Meerkat vs Blab


One thing that makes this a little easier is the fact that Meerkat, Blab and Periscope have some differences when it comes to their focus. Periscope is currently aimed more at the commercial periscope vs meerkatuser and you’ll find that a lot of the content is very voyeuristic in nature – people chatting about their day, or just filming themselves on the way to work. Meerkat meanwhile is a little more organized with scheduled posts uploaded by big name marketers like Tai Lopez.

Then you have Blab which is all about conversations. This acts like a video conferencing app where strangers can watch and even take part in the conversation.


In terms of size, Periscope has the lead and this is in no small part thanks to the fact that it’s owned by Twitter. Meerkat and Blab are slightly smaller, but Blab is still in beta at this point so likely has a lot more growing to do. All three of them are quite ‘empty’ right now, which is actually one of the big advantages.


Periscope has the best UI and interface and looks very modern, slick and well put together. It has an Android app and an iOS app and it provides lots of tools for finding specific content. Meerkat is considerably less well-thought out in its navigation though this is largely due to a dearth of content – there’s no real need for advanced filtering yet. Blab is more well designed and on-par at least with Periscope – but what really lets it down is a lack of Android app. On the other hand, you can use Blab through your PC browser which may be seen as an advantage.


While the three platforms are very similar, some exclusive features set each of them apart. For instance, Periscope will store your content for about 24 hours after you upload it which is very handy. Blab goes further and keeps your content indefinitely, whereas Meerkat simply deletes it.

Meerkat’s useful features though are an ability to show images during your feeds and to schedule your posts. Blab also lets you schedule posts.

I hope this helps to explain some of the differences between Periscope vs Meerkat vs Blab. And remember that things are changing all the time.

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Improve Live Streaming Video

Improve Live Streaming Video – How to Increase the Quality of Your Video Streams

Video streaming is quickly taking off as one of the next ‘big things’ in internet marketing. This is a platform that essentially gives us the ability to watch live feeds from people all around the world, thereby becoming a ‘fly on the wall’ or seeing the world through their eyes. The pimprove live streaming videopotential uses are almost limitless and it’s understandably creating a lot of excitement and buzz.

This is the appeal of live video streaming and really the quality of the content is besides the point. Mostly this footage is going to be filmed on handsets, which means the resolution will probably be low and the filming will probably be shaky.

Improve Live Streaming Video

But while this is part of the charm, it can also be off-putting. If you want to provide the best content possible for your audience then you need to think about how you can improve your video quality. Here are some things to consider…


Mostly video streams will be filmed through a camera phone, or in the case of Blab a web cam. Either way, these are likely to be relatively low-quality, especially as the phone footage will probably use the front-facing camera.

However, to make your resolution a little more crisp, you can consider investing in a better camera phone with a higher resolution front facing camera. And just as important is the temporal resolution – AKA the framerate. This is more often an issue with webcams.


Think too about your sound. This will be partly determined by your camera but is also going to be somewhat dictated by the environment (how are the acoustics?) and how close you’re sitting to the microphone.


You also need to think about the backdrop of your videos. Ideally, you want to create a professional vibe around your video, so that means the backdrop should look professional and should look tidy and organized. Don’t film in your front room with washing piled up in the background!

Likewise, think about lighting. Ideally you should look for light sources on your left or right side to create what’s known as ‘Rembrandt’ lighting.


Another very important tip on how to improve live streaming video is to make sure that you have a stable connection. There’s nothing more frustrating than a video that keeps freezing and stopping halfway through. Make sure that you’re on a good connection and always stream over WiFi rather than a data connection where possible.

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Better Live Streaming Content

Better Live Streaming Content – Some Tips for Creating Better Content for Live Video Streaming

Live video streaming is such a new platform that right now, there’s not really any ‘right way’ to go about it. This is a platform that’s open to be explored and that we can start creating content Better Live Streaming Contentfor however we best see fit. But that said, there are still some pointers that you can learn from that can help you to start creating the best content possible and there are certainly some mistakes to avoid as well. Better live streaming content is important.Quality content is quality content, no matter what form it takes.

Better Live Streaming Content

Read on then and we’ll look at some of the top tips for creating better video content for your live streams…

Engage With Your Audience

One mistake that a lot of people make when streaming content is to ignore their audience. One of the big advantages of video streaming is that it gives you the opportunity to interact directly with your audience. If you don’t do this, then you may as well prerecord your video. So answer questions, greet people as they join the stream and generally make this a two way conversation instead of just talking ‘at’ all your viewers.

Be Accessible

One way in which live video is very different from regular video marketing, is that you are likely to have a lot of people coming into your videos halfway through. That means they won’t get your normal ‘pitch’ at the start and they won’t necessarily even know what it is that you’re talking to.

This is something to bear in mind – your objective is to hold the attention of everyone who has been their from the start but at the same time you need to be welcoming to new visitors. One way to get around this challenge is to include a good description of what your video is about.

Stay on Subject

Some vlogs are built around the personality of the vlogger who will then just talk on whatever subjects come to mind as a way to provide some interesting background chat for people who want to half-watch. This is difficult to succeed with though and a generally smarter strategy is just to stick to one main topic that people will know whether they find interesting or not. This is one of the best suggestions for better live streaming content.

Likewise, try to stay on topic with each of the videos you post. This way people will know that they can start following you if they want more of a certain type of content.

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Future of Live Streaming

Future of Live Streaming – How Will it Change in the Next Few Years?

Live Streaming is incredibly young and this is partly what makes it such an exciting platform. Despite only being around for a few months so far, it has already garnered a huge following and a ton of buzz across the media.

Future of Live Streaming

So the question is: where is it likely to go from here? How can we expect to see it grow over the next few years?


Of course all three platforms are likely to grow in size exponentially over the next several years. Live streaming has certainly captured the imaginations of many people and already it’s gaining a lot of momentum.

This is only going to get faster though. For instance, when a global event occurs and is being future of live streamingstreamed live through Periscope or Meerkat, you can bet that people are going to rush to the platform as they see the true potential. Likewise, as more and more marketers promote their channels, this will bring more users to the platform as well. This is definitely in the future of live streaming.


An influx of users is going to require some changes in design. Specifically, this will create the need for better filtering for content and users so that people can more easily find the videos they’re looking for. What’s more, we can expect to start to see more fierce competition between the platforms which will be good news for the users and marketers using them. Expect to see features currently only on one platform to come to all of them in the  future of live streaming

Likewise, we’ll also see more new features come to the platforms. How about the ability to ‘phone in’? Or the option to download the stream as it plays or rewind it if you missed something? These are all possibilities we’ll likely see realized.


Of course technology will also improve, thereby driving forward the power of these platforms. As internet connections get faster for instance, we might start to see live previews of the footage right in the thumbnails. Likewise, an improvement in video fidelity on phones will mean better quality footage for everyone to enjoy.

What would have been very interesting would be to see how Google Glass was incorporated into the future of live streaming. This would have been the perfect hardware for a platform built around the idea of seeing the world through ‘other people’s eyes’. Virtual reality might even play a role at some point – allowing us to be truly transported to concerts and events around the world!

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Live Streaming Content

Live Streaming Content – The Top Types of Content to Create For Live Streaming

Live video streaming is so new that there isn’t much precedent yet for the best type of content to create. This is good in that it allows you to really create any types of videos you like, but on the downside it also means that you won’t have much help or guidance when coming up with ideas. You’ll have to learn the ropes yourself then and what you’ll likely find is that certain types of content definitely work better on live video than others.

Live Streaming Content

Read on then and get ideas on live streaming content.

Top Tips

One of the challenges of live video streaming is making sure that you stay on topic without live streaming contentcreating something too scripted. Creating a ‘top tips’ structure is a great idea because you can keep returning your tips and then talk loosely around them. This offers just enough structure without being restrictive and it offers great jumping on points for people joining the stream halfway through.


Reviewing a product likewise makes it easy for you to stay on topic but doesn’t restrict you. You’ll have a visual aid and you’ll be able to take cues and instructions from your audience regarding which aspects of the product to show off or discuss. Unboxings also lend themselves particularly well to the live streaming content format.


AMAs have been made popular by Reddit. This stands for ‘Ask Me Anything’ and it basically means you’re getting interviewed by your audience. You’ll need to position yourself as a person of interest or an authority for people to want to ask you questions though!


Interviews are also very good for live streaming. Find someone interesting and see if you can get them to answer some questions on Blab for people to watch.


Want to get people interested in your business? Why not give them a guided tour of the office? The ability to interact while filming at the same time lends itself perfectly to this kind of content.

Passive Content

Video streaming introduces a whole new idea in the form of ‘passive content’. This is live streaming content that you create without actively creating – in other words it might mean setting up a camera to record yourself talking in a meeting, or it might mean filming yourself working out. It could even mean setting it up to show off a nice view.

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Make Money With Live Streaming

Make Money With Live Streaming – Top Ways to Profit From Live Streaming

Live streaming is a very new platform and is definitely in its infancy in terms of what it’s capablemake money with live streaming of. Right now there really isn’t a huge audience here to monetize but it’s constantly growing and it gives you a lot of exciting new opportunities in terms of the ways you can interact with and engage the audience that does exist. And make money with live streaming.

And if you’re looking to start profiting right away, there are also a number of options already available.

Make Money With Live Streaming

Here are just some of the top ways you can start making money from live streaming right away:

Promote a Product

The most obvious way to start making money from live streaming is simply to promote your products through a video. You won’t be able to embed a link, but what you can do is to show off the product live on film and to answer any questions that viewers might have. This is a great way to make your product sound interesting and to really compel people to place an order.

Live streaming a launch is a particularly effective way to promote a product and can result in a lot of sales!

Find Sponsors

Right now it’s not going to be that easy to find sponsors for your live streaming as the audience is still quite small and the technology is very new. As this grows though, this will be a huge opportunity for content creators. In fact, platforms like YouNow have already been paying their content creators just to fill the platform!

In the future, expect to receive offers from brands that want you to review or show off their products as a way to make money with live streaming.

Premium Content

Many marketers sell courses, seminars and one-to-one consultations from their platforms and there’s no reason that you can’t do this through live streaming. In fact, live video lends itself very well to this type of content and gives you the option to sell access to a video to multiple different users at once to take part in a live discussion or seminar.

Brand Awareness and Loyalty

Really though, the main way that you’re likely make money from live streaming is by building your brand, strengthening your relationships and generally building your audience. This is a long-term strategy but it’s one that can pay off in dividends. Especially when you consider how little time and money you’ll need to invest into your marketing activities on these platforms!

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Get Started Live Video Streaming

mediabannerGet started live video streaming today. Even if you’re a complete newcomer to live video streaming and you’ve never streamed a video before in your life, then you might find it somewhat nerve wracking going in front of a camera. This can be a very scary feeling as you’re going to be exposed and live on the feed and the whole process is quite unlike any other form of marketing. Where do you even begin?

Get Started Live Video Streaming

This guide will get you set up and hopefully confident to begin making lots more videos.

Getting Set Up

The first step is of course to set up your account on one of these platforms to get started live video streaming. Normally, the easiest way to do this is to install the app. Periscope, Meerkat and Blab each have apps on iPhone and Periscope and Meerkat also have Android equivalents. If you’re looking to use Blab and you don’t have an iOS device, then you can use it through the browser at

Once you’ve done that, the set-up process to get started live video streaming is similar for each of these platforms. Simply decide whether you want to sign up with your Twitter account or your phone number and then enter a username and password if you chose the latter.

From here you’ll be able to choose whether you want to start following your existing Twitter contacts and in the case of Meerkat, your Facebook contacts.

Starting Filming

So how do you begin streaming?

Easy: in each of these apps there’s a button that should be rather self-explanatory (either an image of a camera or a button that says ‘Start Streaming’). You can also enter a title for your stream and in the case of Blab choose some tags as well that will define what category of content you’re creating. These are important features as they are what will dictate whether or not people check out your footage and is important to get started live video streaming.

You might find that it’s a daunting prospect at first turning on your camera and letting anyone watch. A good place to start then is with a very small test – just point your camera at something and film. You’ll find that this alone is enough to land you a few new followers and it should give you the confidence you need to set up something a little more ambitious in the future.

It really is that simple and while there are many more options and things you can learn, this is more than enough to get started video streaming!

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