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How to Easily Make Animated GIFs from YouTube Videos

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Animated GIFs are all the rage.

How to easily make animated GIFs from YouTube videosChances are that you’ve encountered some of them as you’ve surfed around the Internet. Animated GIFs have been around since 1997. They combine several images into a single file that plays in a loop and conveys quick bursts of brand-related content. Easily sharable, animated GIFs are undergoing a resurgence of late as businesses look for new ways to connect with their audiences and add a new dimension to their social media marketing.

Here are a couple of great examples of brands using animated GIFs to get their message across:

Get it. #PizzaHutHersheys

— Pizza Hut (@pizzahut) July…

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How to Easily Make Animated GIFs from YouTube Videos

Animated GIFs are all the rage.

How to easily make animated GIFs from YouTube videosChances are that you’ve encountered some of them as you’ve surfed around the Internet. Animated GIFs have been around since 1997. They combine several images into a single file that plays in a loop and conveys quick bursts of brand-related content. Easily sharable, animated GIFs are undergoing a resurgence of late as businesses look for new ways to connect with their audiences and add a new dimension to their social media marketing.

Here are a couple of great examples of brands using animated GIFs to get their message across:

Get it. #PizzaHutHersheys

— Pizza Hut (@pizzahut) July 15, 2014

Unleash the #GIFs! For more #EndlessFun go to — FIAT USA (@FIATUSA) June 18, 2014

It’s Dead-Simple to Make an Animated GIF from a YouTube Video

Are you using YouTube for marketing? If so, you know that a fantastic video that’s optimized for sharing can jumpstart new product launches and add a cool factor for startups looking to make their mark. Did you know that it’s super easy to make an animated GIF from one of your YouTube videos? Here’s how:

1. Use your browser to locate the video on YouTube that you want to convert to an animated GIF

I’ll be using this video about a Golden Retriever and her puppies:


2. Add GIF” to the beginning of the URL. After “www.” and before “”

Here’s what I mean:


Using my example, I’ll use the address bar to turn:


and hit “return”.

3. You will be taken to this configuration window:

Configure your animated YouTube GIF

Use the slider select the portion of the video you wish to convert
Select the duration (up to roughly 15 seconds)
Add a title
Click “Create GIF”

Voila! You now have a short clip that you can share on all of your social media platforms!


How to Easily Make Animated GIFs from YouTube Videos is a post by Pam Dyer on Pamorama | Social Media Marketing Blog. A Forbes Top-25 Forbes Social Media Power Influencer, Pam is strategic marketing leader in Seattle and a major Seahawks fan. Follow her on Twitter at @pamdyer.

11 Tips on How to Make Your Videos Look Professional

how to make your videos look professionalIf you want to know how to make your videos look professional, here are 11 tips.  Videos are a very important way to build your online reputations, display your personality (yes, you have one), and get attention. But you need to make them look as professional as possible.

I worked at Warner Bros. for a few years. The video we got to promote was spectacular, really amazing. When I started to do my own videos, I realized that I needed to improve their quality. Not to Warner Bros. standards – that isn’t going to happen on my budget – but there are just a few things that can make an incredible difference. And I am improving all the time.

11 Tips on How to Make Your Videos Look Professional

  1. Camera. Almost everyone I talked to about equipment for YouTube videos recommends using your smartphone for capturing the video. First of all everyone has one, and the quality is truly amazing. No need for more expensive camera equipment if you are getting started. This is the foundation of how to make your videos look professional.
  2. Sound. You want the sound to be great. Most smartphone cameras do a pretty good job of capturing the sound you want. And there are many small lapel-type microphones that can be useful if you are away from the camera during recording.
  3. Lighting.  This is one of the key components in quality video production. With good lighting you can take advantage of the quality of your camera. Without it, you will look like a criminal. Trust me I know. And the lighting doesn’t need to be extravagant. Just make sure it is well lit. If you can shoot outdoors, you are golden.
  4. Use HD. The quality of HD – available on your smartphone – is going to make a huge difference in the quality of the video. If you use lower-quality SD, it will still be usable, but go for the higher quality.
  5. Clean background.  You don’t need a movie set background to show yourself off. But make sure the area is clean and tidy. That will give a much better impression than a cluttered environment. And this is important on how to make your videos look professional.
  6. Video Introduction. If you have a short, professional looking video introduction, it will give you incredible authority as someone who knows what they are doing. is a great place to find these.
  7. Bottom-third banner. Another easy feature is having a banner overlay on the bottom of your videos. Again, is a place to find some good ones. Or you can even use iMovie on your iPhone, or a similar app, and add in a couple of lines at the bottom.
  8. Custom thumbnails.  Most video platforms, such as YouTube or Vimeo, will offer a thumbnail image for people to see before they choose to view the video. If at all possible you will want to either swap it out with another frame from the video or even upload an image. Remember that first impressions count.
  9. Intro/Content/Call to Action. Each video should have three parts: an intro, content in the middle, and then the call to action at the end. The call to action is the reason for creating the video in the first place. Only have one – don’t confuse the audience – and make it appropriate for the content of the video. Again, very important on how to make your videos look professional.
  10. Length. For most personal branding and network marketing videos, you want to keep them short. Viewers online have a short attention span and won’t view a long video. Also YouTube likes it when a higher proportion of your viewers stay to the end. Three minutes should be the maximum.
  11. No scripting.  Don’t write out your content and then just read it. This will not give you the level of authority you need. You can post bullet points behind the camera, but you want to look like the natural speaker that you are.

The other tip  on how to make your videos look professional is to practice. Make a ton of videos, Soon you will improve in your quality and delivery. Very few people are naturals. But there is no reason you can’t have professional looking videos.

Good luck in front of the camera.


PS: Once you know how to make your videos look professional most people can use some help on video and marketing. I know I do. The best course ever that I have found is Tube Traffic Mojo. Go check it out. You won’t be sorry.

Attraction Marketing System

Blog Post Ideas for Network Marketers

Everyone in network marketing needs blog post ideas. Especially if you are posting daily. But what if you are new?

What if I Don’t Think I Have Anything to Say?

Blog Post Ideas

In network marketing you have already learned something. Trust me you wouldn’t be reading this if you were completely new.

Think about your journey in network marketing. Chances are you are two steps ahead of someone else. In fact you are probably several steps ahead of a lot of people. And why is that?

You have already been learning. From reading blog posts, from watching videos, from attending webinars, or even live events. Do you have any notes? (If not, you need to get with the program and start taking some.) Those notes are your content and will give you plenty of blog post ideas.

Notes = Content

By using those notes you can write content for your blog post, your video, and even for your next webinar. Seriously, the proven system of Invest – Learn – Teach is going to work in your favor.

  • Invest your time and money in learning new things. You can spend a lot of money in this process. And over time it will add up. But this is the way to learn from people that have already been in your shoes. Take advantage of it. Now, you don’t have to spend a fortune, at first anyway. But start by at least investing your time in learning from many of the free resources out there.
  • Learn from your investment. Take notes. Listen up. And you will learn. I find that by hearing people that I truly respect in the business I am able to come up with my blog post ideas.
  • Teach what you have learned. This is actually the best way to really learn something. You may think you know something, but it is when you go to explain it – teach it – to someone else you come to realize that you really need to know it in detail. And by teaching you are going to be making connections with people who are interested in what you have to say.

Never underestimate your ability. Never. You don’t need to be the expert on a subject, but just by learning it enough to teach the next guy you are going to be moving ahead. Trust me. I know this works for me and I know it can work for you too. You will never run out of blog post ideas.

Already you should be able to see how this works. Just think of the concepts I have laid out here. Already you have learned something that you can pass along. And it will be new to someone else in your audience. And then it will start to get to be fun.

Have a great day writing up that next blog post or shooting that next video!


PS: If you want to attend a great webinar that will give you plenty of content for your next post or video, click here to check out these free Wednesday webinars.

Personal Branding Video – Why It Is Important

Personal branding video. That is the single, most important type of media that you can put online to show your personality.

Personal Branding Video

Building a personal brand online is important to your network marketing business. People buy from people they know, like, and trust. And how can you build that online relationship without people seeing you and hearing you speak? It would be tough, if not impossible.

Paint Pictures and Tell Stories

You want to use images and personal branding video to paint pictures and tell stories. An average person produces words and conversation. A successful person paint pictures and revelations. By using video you can paint a much more vivid and interesting story than just by writing. No matter how good of a writer you might be. Just as an example, the video on this post allows me to give the same information as in the written text; but chances are you looked at the video first. Am I right?

Video Builds Authority

Online authority is priceless. And hard to develop. You want your audience to know that you know more than they do about a given subject. Otherwise why would they listen? A well crafted set of videos can tell stories that show you in action, and you can demonstrate the kind of person you would be like to work with – online or off-line. That is the power of personal branding video.

Video Show Personality

Everyone has a personality. And chances are yours is a good one to project. So why not make the highest impact? Get in front of the camera and let people really see who you are. Starting out the videos might not be that great. In fact mine were pretty awful. But over time I learned how to improve them. Both in production quality and delivery. The real solution here is to practice. Practice a lot. That is the only way to improve. And also look at your videos and learn what you can do to make the next one better.

Leaders Do It

Name one real industry leader in the network marketing world that does not use video. I bet you can’t do it. Why are they leaders? Chances are because you feel like you know them from their online videos. They know how to use personal branding video. You can relate and learn from them. And you want to follow them. And do what they do.

Online personality is unbelievably important to building your brand. If you already have a video channel, good job. And if you are waiting, get started now. Today. I know it has been great for my online business. And I know it can be for you too.

Have fun in the spotlight!


PS: Everyone can use some help on video production and marketing. I know I do. The best course ever that I have found is Tube Traffic Mojo. Go check it out. You won’t be sorry.

YouTube Intro Maker

Are you looking for a YouTube Intro Maker? You have a few different options but I have had the best luck on

There are a few creative options. When I was working at Warner Bros. Entertainment we would spend an amazing amount to get small videos created. But of course they looked truly incredible.

YouTube Intro Maker

But now everyone has the option to find a professional YouTube video maker for a lot less. I use And here is an amazing introduction that I had created for only $5:

If this looks good to you and you are interested in connecting with this YouTube intro maker just send me a quick message and I will put you in touch. And I don’t get a share of the $5 – I just wanted to pass along this opportunity.

I have had great luck on for my projects. Not everyone has the same experience. But you cannot beat the price.

Have fun being creative!

PS: And if you are doing YouTube videos and want the best training available, click here to check out Mark Harbert’s course

Search YouTube

search youtubeIf you are a video creator and want people to be able to search YouTube and find your videos there are a few key ideas that can improve your performance. What are they?

Search YouTube

  • Use the Google Keyword Planner. Google wants to make it easy to pick out keywords to use. They have a great tool as part of Google AdWords which can give you keyword suggestions.  You have to have an AdWords account so sign up for that if you don’t already have one. You do have to add a credit card to set it up but you can use the Keyword Planner for free even without setting up a PPC campaign.  Just enter a keyword to start and the planner will give you an incredible number of suggestions. Some good and some not-as-good. You can look for campaigns or keywords. Pick the keywords tab. A few pointers are to select keywords with a lot of searches per month but are low on the competition – this is where you will stand out. Don’t worry about the suggested bid – that can be scary – but just use the tool to see what people are already searching for. Now you are on your way to search YouTube success.
  • Use YouTube Search. Now that you have found a few good keywords for your video you will be creating go to YouTube and search there. You will be wanting to find keywords that have the least number of results. By using this process you can find highly desirable keywords with the least competition on YouTube. Simple, right?
  • Affiliate tools. There are affiliate tools that can make this process much easier – that will show you the right combination of keywords. These tools change all the time so contact me for the latest one out there.
  • Create your video. Now with your targeted keyword go shoot your video. This is the fun part. With the right keywords people will find your video when they search YouTube.
  • About section on YouTube. Once you have the keyword and the video uploaded to YouTube you can add in a short description of the content of your video. Make sure to use you keyword in that section – but not too much. Make the copy informative and not spammy.

Does this process work? Is sure does. I have used it for several of my videos on YouTube.

I hope you got some value from this information. If you did, leave a comment below.

Have some fun on YouTube today!

PS:  If you want to see more about using YouTube to build your online business this is one of the best courses I have found: My Tube Traffic Mojo.

Most Fans on Facebook

What these 4 top earners would do to earn $5K in 30 Days in a desperate situation. The reveal their top strategy HERE:

Who has the most fans on Facebook?

It probably isn’t you or me. But it is interesting to see who has the most fans on Facebook.

Right now the top 5 are all celebrities or brands:

Shakira – 100 million fans

Cristano Ronaldo – 92 million fans

Eminem – 92 million fans

Rihanna – 89 million fans

Coca Cola – 86 million fans

YouTube – 82 million fans

Vin Diesel – 81 million fans

Michael Jackson – 77 million fans

The Simpsons – 74 million fans

Harry Potter – 72 million fans

These are some amazing numbers. And it changes all of the time.

Check out for the latest updates. So you will know who has the most fans on Facebook.

For more information contact me on Facebook at or give me a call at (747) 333-8789.

Getting Likes on Facebook

Instagram Training, Learn from the Pro’s:

Getting Likes on Facebook

So you have just set up a new Facebook business page or fan page. So now you will want to figure out getting likes on Facebook.

You have a few different approaches to use getting likes on Facebook. Use some or all of the ideas mentioned below:

  1. Invite your existing fans and friends.
  2. Buy an ad on Facebook Pay-Per-Click to promote you page.  This can be a great way to build your audience for surprisingly little money. In fact, just a few dollars a day will add up over time.
  3. Use other social networks where you already have an audience – such as Twitter, YouTube, or others such as Pinterest.
  4. Promote your page at every opportunity. Your blog – if you have one – is always a good place to promote your Facebook activities.
  5. Use off-line media as well. Your advertising and even your business cards should list your Facebook fan page for getting likes on Facebook.
  6. Start every business connection introduction with an invitation to join your email list as well as your Facebook page when appropriate.

Now be creative. You would be amazed how many online and off-line connections you have. And by just adding a few new fans a day the result will be substantial.

Always be inviting when getting likes on Facebook. That positive approach works very well.

This is my short list of getting likes on Facebook.

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And give me a call with any questions at: (747) 333-8789