Engaging Facebook Posts

Engaging Facebook Posts

Finding Engaging Content for Facebook Posts.

You always want to be building your Facebook audience. Especially on your business fan page. That is the best source of developing the most loyal fan base.Engaging Facebook Posts

The best way to have a regular established Likes campaign in Facebook PPC advertising. The more you spend, the quicker it will grow. But even on just a few dollars a day you will be amazed how quickly you can attract people who are interested in what you have to say.

Getting the audience is only part of the process. Now you want them to be engaged.  This is where engaging Facebook posts come in.

There are a couple of reasons for creating engaging Facebook posts:

  1. People who are engaged will stick around.
  2. Engaging content is shared more widely on Facebook – both by Facebook itself as well as by your fans

Engaging Facebook posts will generate:

  1. Likes for the post and your page

The value of engagement is in the order. Likes are good. Comments are better. And Shares are golden.

Engaging Facebook Posts

The good news about learning how to create engaging Facebook posts is that Facebook already tells you what you need to know. This is where you get to spend time poking around on Facebook and call it work. How amazing is that?

First you will need to know your audience. Where will they be spending their time on Facebook? Make a good list of 10-15 Facebook pages that will attract a similar audience. Now check out these pages. In detail.

You can just use search to find the pages. But there are two ways to make this much easier. And will save you time.

  1. Use the Wisdom widget. Find the app on Facebook and get familiar with what is telling you. This is an invaluable tool to easily identify what attracts a similar audience.
  2. Use the “Pages to Watch” feature. As part of your Facebook fan page you can select “Pages to Watch”. This is your list of 10-15 target pages. Once you have it set up – and it doesn’t get much easier than this – just click on the link and up comes the most engaging content for that page.

What to look for

In checking out this top performing content for other pages, check out the post format: text, the image, and the video if there is one. Be critical and see what appeals to people. This is where you will learn how to create your own engaging Facebook posts.

Now look closely at Likes, Comments, and Shares individually. What posts get the most of each? And why do you think that is? Shortly you will be able to see what is working for others. And now it can work for you as you create your own engaging Facebook posts.

I do not recommend that you copy their post exactly. But be smart and learn why you think it is engaging and use this information. Then duplicate the same format for your own content.

You are smart enough to quickly learn just by using the information that Facebook is already providing you. Then test to see if you can create engaging Facebook posts. Always be testing. To see what works for your specific audience.

Have fun out there checking out Facebook this week!


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