Facebook Advertising Tips

As you get more experienced with Facebook PPC advertising here is the question that will come to mind:

“What is the best audience to use on Facebook PPC ads?”Facebook Advertising Tips

There are so many different types of ads you can run. Check out the list here. But to be effective you need to get them in front of the right people.

The short answer here is “know your audience”. And the long answer is also “know your audience” You need to have a very clear idea of who you would like to attract to your business. Without that knowledge – and it is not a quick solution – you will be spending a lot of money finding out.

Facebook Advertising Tips

As you also know Facebook is constantly changing their advertising program. And that is usually a good thing. So this information on Facebook advertising tips is current right now but might change tomorrow. And will certainly be different soon.

Here are you choices:

  1. Custom audiences: these are the most powerful way to connect with the right people, because they are usually people that already know you. You can use these formats to build a custom audience:
    1. Email addresses
    2. Phone numbers
    3. Facebook ID’s/App ID’s
    4. Tracking Pixel Audiences
    5. Look alike audiences
  2. Locations: Another one of the Facebook advertising tips is that you will also want to narrow your target audience to a geographic location. And this will depend on your business.
  3. Age: If you already know your audience, then you will know what to include here. And from testing, you will be able to see what works the best.
  4. Gender: Just like with age, your audience will tell you if you should be concentrating on men or women or if you can appeal to both.
  5. Languages: There is a good chance you will want to connect with people that only speak your language, but do not limit yourself until you know for sure.
  6. Demographics: Now here it starts to get more complicated. Because there are so many options to choose from. The good news is that people actually report real information – how often do you make up things in your Facebook profile? Another one of the Facebook advertising tips is that you can select:
    1. Relationship
    2. Education
    3. Work
    4. Financial
    5. Home
    6. Ethnic affinity
    7. Generation
    8. Parents
    9. Politics
    10. Life events
  7. Interests: Just like with demographics, there is an almost unlimited number of interests that can be selected for your Facebook advertising tips. Know your audience and so some testing, and these categories will make a huge impact in your advertising ROI. BONUS TIP:  remember that you can combine multiple interests, but if you do that it can be hard to tell which one is working the best. The solution is to create a different ad for each interest group. The Facebook Ad Manager makes this easy to do.
  8. Behaviors: Another layer of complexity of these Facebook advertising tips is the selection of behaviors that people are tagged with on Facebook. One of the best ones to search out is how active they are online. After all you want engaged people, right? Some behavior data is available for US audiences only.
  9. Connections: You may want to reach people who are connected with you already. Or go for new viewers for your ads. This will narrow down your audience, but it can be a good way to target your own fans – who will be especially engaging – or expand your audience. Again, testing is the key to success here as one of the Facebook advertising tips.

 Audience size

As you select your best audience you will see the size of the potential audience. The key here is to be specific enough to have a manageable group. You want it to be large enough to have a reasonable reach. One of the Facebook advertising tips here is that there are no hard and fast rules. I have heard a lot of experts say that an audience of 2,000 can be better than a million. You will learn what works for you.

I hope this helps you understand what happens when you are asking for Facebook advertising tips on selecting your audience..

Have a great week on Facebook!


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