Facebook Remarketing Pixel

Facebook remarketing pixels are the way that an advertiser can present their ad to one of the best audiences possible. These are people who have already visited your web site or blog. And now you can advertise direct to them. Using the Facebook remarketing pixel.

 Facebook Remarketing Pixel

There are several types of Facebook remarketing pixels to choose from. So select them carefully.Facebook Remarketing Pixel

Why is this important?

The primary reason is that Facebook will target the right people for each type. Based on a user’s activity and past performance, it is possible for the Facebook remarketing pixel to be shown the best audience. This is one that has already responded to this type of pixel in the past.

Here are the types of Facebook remarketing pixels to select:

  1. Checkouts: Put this on your checkout process when someone completes a transaction. This is excellent information for future ads. And it is also needed if you are optimizing your spending based conversions.
  2. Registrations:  This Facebook remarketing pixel is used when someone opts into your capture page. Use this for list building. This should be used on the page the visitor sees after they complete the registration.
  3. Leads:  A “lead” is a user who lands on your Campaign after they have clicked on your Facebook ad. This is different than for the Facebook remarketing pixel for Registrations.
  4. Key Page Views: This pixel will be targeting traffic to a particular page on your web site or blog. Use this to build a very targeted audience. You will want to use content specific posts to maximize the targeting potential.
  5. Adds to Cart: This is an obvious choice of Facebook remarketing pixel. You place it when the visitor adds an item to their shopping cart – whether they checked out or not. This is useful, in combination with the Checkouts pixel for abandoned carts.
  6. Other Website Conversions: This is for other traffic measurement. Do not use this one if possible. So you get the benefits of the Facebook information on a user’s past history with one of the other pixels.

At first you just want the pixel out there. But as you get more familiar with Facebook remarketing pixels you will want to become more advanced. That is why you need to understand these differences.

Remember that you are creating custom audiences over time for future ads. Always be testing.

The other key thing to remember with Facebook remarketing pixels is that it can take time to build up an audience of enough size to be useful for ads.

Then the real magic is in Look Alike audiences. This is where Facebook will create an audience that is similar to the custom audience you have already created. So you can be in front of on interested audience. Even if they have never heard of you before.

Have a great week out there on Facebook!


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