Can’t Follow People on Twitter Because You Reached The 2,000 Follow Limit? 3 Tips To Fix That

If you are on Twitter – and almost everyone is – you are probably growing your audience. One of the best ways is to follow others and have them follow you back. But you have to play by Twitter Rules: You can follow up to 2,000 people BUT if you want to follow more you need to have almost the same number of people following you.

Does this rule make sense? It actually does. That way spammers can’t go out there and follow a ton of people with spam accounts. But even though you aren’t a spammer, you will may still have the problem of no longer being able to follow others.

There are three easy ways to fix this using the Crowdfire App. First you will need to download it on mobile or sign up online. I like the phone version. That way I can use it anywhere.

The fix is to start unfollowing people so that you have room to follow the people you want to follow. And you unfollowing them directly from Crowdfire. BUT how do you know who to unfollow? Crowdfire makes this easy. Here are three ways to do it:

Number 1: Unfollow People Who Have Unfollowed You. 

This only makes sense, right? If they no longer want to hear from you then you probably feel comfortable to get off their list as well.

In Crowdfire all you need to do is go to the menu that lists Recent Unfollowers. It will look like this.

Recent Unfollowers Menu - Crowdfire

Recent Unfollowers Menu

Then go through the list and unfollow anyone that has unfollowed you. They are highlighted there.

Now this is not going to bring down your follows very much, but you have to admit that it feels good to do this, right?

Number 2: Unfollow People Who Are No Longer Active on Twitter.

As you can imagine, there are many people who start out on Twitter but for whatever reason, they lose interest. But their Twitter account stays out there. If you are following these people, they are taking up a slot that could be taken by an active Twitter user.

Using Crowdfire, you can easily identify people who haven’t been on Twitter in the past month, three months, or longer. When you see this list, it is pretty safe to unfollow them.

Here is what it looks like:

Inactive Followers Menu - Crowdfire

Inactive Followers Menu

Inactive Following List - Crowdfire

Inactive Following List

But as with unfollowing recent unfollowers (Number 1 above) you won’t find a lot of people to unfollow here. This is especially true with newer Twitter accounts.


Number 3: Unfollow People Who Don’t Follow You Back

This is where you find the most number of people to unfollow. Just because you followed someone, that doesn’t mean they are going to follow you back, right? But after a couple of days, they probably aren’t going to be followers, so why not unfollow them?

A couple of important points. You want to give them time to check their Twitter account and follow you. Don’t follow and then immediately unfollow or you will be on Twitter’s radar. And you don’t want to be there. The good news is that Crowdfire lists them in the order that you followed. I recommend making sure they have had 3-5 days to follow.

Here is what it looks like:

Non-Followers Menu - Crowdfire

Non-Followers Menu

Non-followers List - Crowdfire

Non-followers List

There are other tools that can also work for unfollowing people on Twitter. But I like and use Crowdfire – just the free version.

These techniques also work as you grow your Twitter account beyond the 2,000 follower limit. Until your account gets very large you may not be able to follow more people if you try to follow more than 110% of the number of people following you. But now you know how to fix that, right?


PS: Are you interested in more information on how to build your business on Twitter? Here is a replay of a Twitter Training webinar that I did showing how I use Twitter:


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