Free Graphics Tools. Three Ways to Make Yourself Look Good

Are you using online graphics? How can anyone avoid it, right? But how can you make yourself look good?

Three Free Tools to Make Yourself Look Good

Why do you want to spend at least some time on your graphics?

  1. To look good
  2. To look professional
  3. To get people’s attention
  4. To build your brand
  5. To look like you are a bigger organization than you might actually be

Free graphics tools:

      1. Gimp:   This is a free version of Photoshop basically. So if you are already familiar with that tool, this will be an easy thing to master. If not, you can still use it and make yourself look like a pro.  And remember when you get stuck, just find a YouTube video to show you exactly what you need to do.
      2.   A truly great tool that is (almost) free to use. Actually it is free if you use your own photos. But their stock images are only $1. Can’t beat that, right?Canva is extremely easy to use, and can actually be fun. Just use one of the many templates for just about any type of image you want (Facebook ad, Twitter header, YouTube Channel Art, etc.). Use images then layer on your text. This is highly recommended for people that don’t want to spend a lot of time, but still want to look good.
      3.   Finding free images that no one will complain about you using, use Pixabay. There are an incredible number of really great images available. Be careful about the search because they will try to lead you to the paid listings.  But no reason to do that because you can find just about anything you need. Then upload it into

Using these three free tools, you can have a great online presence. And always look professional. I made this in Canva:

build your brand



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