Getting Likes on Facebook

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Getting Likes on Facebook

So you have just set up a new Facebook business page or fan page. So now you will want to figure out getting likes on Facebook.

You have a few different approaches to use getting likes on Facebook. Use some or all of the ideas mentioned below:

  1. Invite your existing fans and friends.
  2. Buy an ad on Facebook Pay-Per-Click to promote you page.  This can be a great way to build your audience for surprisingly little money. In fact, just a few dollars a day will add up over time.
  3. Use other social networks where you already have an audience – such as Twitter, YouTube, or others such as Pinterest.
  4. Promote your page at every opportunity. Your blog – if you have one – is always a good place to promote your Facebook activities.
  5. Use off-line media as well. Your advertising and even your business cards should list your Facebook fan page for getting likes on Facebook.
  6. Start every business connection introduction with an invitation to join your email list as well as your Facebook page when appropriate.

Now be creative. You would be amazed how many online and off-line connections you have. And by just adding a few new fans a day the result will be substantial.

Always be inviting when getting likes on Facebook. That positive approach works very well.

This is my short list of getting likes on Facebook.

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