How Important is Language to Your Business?

How Important is Language to Your Business?

Thank about it. Language talks to others and to ourselves. To our subconscious mind. And that is important.

How Important is Language to Your Business?

Language comes in three forms. What we

  • think
  • write
  • say

We have total control over 2 of these – what we write and what we say. And we can learn to control the third, what we think. Critical information here. This is how important is language to your business.

We need to have a positive approach. There is going to be a lot of rejection. That is the nature of most sales businesses. But with controlling your language, your mindset will be able to handle it.

So don’t say negative things. Just weed it out. Now this is a lot easier said than done. For example, don’t say that you are overwhelmed but say that you are meeting challenges. Don’t say that you don’t have anything to say. Tell yourself and others that everyone has something to share. Because they do. And don’t say that business is bad. That is a  self fulfilling prophesy. Instead say that  every day you are laser focused on finding leads.

Who do you respect in your industry? Now look at their language: are they negative ?  Probably not. Primarily because they know the value of language. And they have learned how to think, say, and write things that are crafted in a way to build up their business and their authority. And they know how important language is to your business.

So go out today and think about what you think, what you say, what you write.

i am going to go have a great day. I hope you do too.


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