How my Gen Z teenager consumes content

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My wife and I sat down recently to watch the initial episode of The Amazing Race where they introduce the teams that are participating.  This season, all the participants are famous due to social media and I didn’t recognize any of them.  As my Gen Z teenager entered the room, he quickly recognized almost all of the participants.  It got me thinking about how he consumes content and how that might impact his purchase decisions or affinity towards something or someone.

His mobile device is constantly wired to his head and  I often think there is an invisible line that connects his eyes to the screen.  Since he influences some of the larger purchasing decisions in our house (he recently got me to purchase a new PC for him), and he will be a target consumer in the near future, I wanted to get his take on how he consumes content and interacts with brands.

Does he even knows what a brand is? – More on that later.

Below is a Q&A session that I had with hi…

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