How to Make a Facebook Video

Have you been on Facebook recently? Of course you have. But what have you been seeing the most. Video, right?

I know that my news feed is full of video. Some are entertaining, some are cute (too cute How To Make a Facebook Videosometimes) and some are educational. Why are we all seeing so many videos? Because that is what gets people engaged on Facebook. And that is why you should be asking how to make a Facebook video.

What type of video should I use on Facebook?

  1. Know Your Audience:  As in all of your marketing, you need to know who you want to attract to your business. What are their “pain points” that you can address. And what solutions do you offer?
  2. Shorter than YouTube: Facebook video is different than YouTube video. It needs to be shorter. People have an even shorter attention span on Facebook – if that is even possible. So keep it to the point when you are considering how to make a Facebook video.
  3. Have a very engaging opening: The opening 5 seconds of your video are the key to success. People make a very quick decision, so have an opening that gets their attention.
  4. Be on camera: People like seeing people. Don’t you? So rather than doing a simple screen shot of doing something interesting, be on camera. That is what will get people’s attention.
  5. What video captures your attention? This is the easy part. Just think of what gets your attention when you see a video on Facebook. Take a moment to understand what got your attention. Now you know the secret.

How to make a Facebook video

The video content has a set formula that you can use:

Introduction (15 seconds)

  1. Grab attention
  2. Be out there
  3. Do not be shy
  4. Be interrupting

Content (60 seconds)

  1. This is the “meat” of the video – what people are going to learn
  2. Add value and not just pitch your business
  3. Think of what will help your audience
  4. The best approach on how to make a Facebook video is to think of their pain point resolution
  5. Talk about the audience – not yourself
  6. And always consider: “What is the desired outcome?”

Call to Action (30 second)

  1. Have only one call to action. Don’t confuse the audience.
  2. Make it very clear
  3. Direct the viewer, don’t make it hard to understand
  4. And tell them “why” they should do what you ask

Using this super-simple formula when you think of how to make a Facebook video will not only make it easier to do. It will also be more effective. This is how industry experts create their videos. And so should you.

Have a great week on Facebook!


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