How To Never Miss A Deadline Again

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The wilier amongst you will no doubt infer the irony when I tell you that I’m writing this blog a whole working day past its deadline. And the even wilier still will realise that I chose to use the words ‘working day’ so as to mitigate the severity of its lateness (yes, I’d made a promise to have this blog submitted by Friday, and it’s now Monday that I’m writing it).

And of course the wiliest of all will have read my post last week on this very blog – ‘3 New Year’s Marketing Solutions To Start Right NOW!’ – and will realise that I’ve already broken my first resolution. Gosh. Don’t I feel like a hypocrite. Here I am tapping out another lecture on marketing best practices, and yet I can’t even take my own advice.

Well, rather than repeating my mother (and numerous school teachers) and telling you to ‘do as I say and not as I do’, I’ve decided that I should really come clean and talk about deadlines, what happens when you miss them, and…

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