How to Steal Your Competitors Customers With Twitter

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Twitter ads provide a unique opportunity for customer acquisition that you cannot get with many other ad platforms.  Users go to Twitter for research, to find solutions for problems and most importantly to bitch about and at the companies that they’re upset with.  It’s never fun to be on the receiving end of these people’s complaints, but it does open an opportunity for you to advertise directly to your competitors customers.

This is ideal for startups, companies with limited budgets and people in a competitive niche that has plateaued and battle for customers.  By using a two tiered or single account approach, you can begin to target your competitors client base while they’re upset and try to turn them into your customers by running ads that address your competitions biggest issues.

This post will go over a few ways to do this.  It’s definitely not nice, it’s not really ethical, but it is business and along the same lines of bid…

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