How to Use Twitter Effectively – 12 Ways to Improve

how to use Twitter effectivelyCongratulations. You have a Twitter account. You are now even with almost every 13 year-old on earth.

Now you want to know how to use Twitter Effectively.

I have been learning how to use Twitter for my online business. And I learn new things every day. To me that is part of the fun. Instead of spending hour after hour glued to the screen I have developed a few techniques that have taught me how to use Twitter effectively. So I thought I would share a few.

12 Way on how to use Twitter effectively

In no particular order:

  1. Use your phone.  For my Twitter accounts, using Twitter Analytics, I can see that roughly 60% of all of my impressions are on mobile devices. And 80% of those are on the iOS phones. So make sure what you say shows up well on those types of screens.
  2. Be direct in your conversations.  You only have 140 characters, so you already have to be concise. But more importantly, be direct. Don’t spend countless Tweets back and forth just to prove you know how to have a conversation. Learn how to get to the point.
  3. Use Direct Messages sparingly.  Most things you have to say on Twitter are not that sensitive. So say it in public. It is much easier for the other person to engage. And occasionally others will find you and start a conversation because of what you are talking about. You probably use search. So do they. This will make a huge difference in how to use Twitter effectively.
  4. Don’t interrupt others’ conversations.  Just because you can see what others are saying, that doesn’t mean you should just jump in. Start your own conversation unless you know who is talking.
  5. Quit pitching your business in every message.  If you are using Twitter for business, you want to avoid the natural tendency to constantly send out links. Of course your products are wonderful (mine are) and they will change people’s lives (mine do) but if that is the only thing you say you will lose your audience.
  6. Be interesting.  While we may all think we are incredibly interesting, that may not be the case. But we all can be interesting. Just put some thought into what you are saying before hitting that Tweet button. Good rule is just read it aloud first.
  7. Follow your followers.  This is just polite, but it will keep them following you. There are many automated and semi-automated services that will bounce followers from your account if they didn’t follow you back. So many people use them that you risk your ability to build up your audience if you don’t follow back.
  8. Check out the message before re-tweeting.  Re-tweeting is a great way to spread content. Good, quality content. Think how much you like it when someone shares your witty message. But make sure you check out the link so that it goes to an appropriate destination.
  9. Have a real conversation.  Remember that is the reason Twitter exists. To engage. To communicate. It isn’t really set up well to just broadcast links and expect people to respond. Unless you are a big celebrity. Or Harry Potter. The only way to learn how to use Twitter effectively is to communicate.
  10. Review your feed occasionally.  If you have a ton of followers the feed fills up fast. Very fast. So once in awhile actually read it. Scroll through and you can spot spammers a mile away. You know, the ones with 500 followers and 84k messages. I bounce them. They will never engage with you.
  11. Use photos.  When you scroll through your feed, what gets your attention? The images, right? So get your share of attention by including great images.
  12. Set a limit on how much time you spend.  A good way to do this is to set aside a particular time to Tweet. Don’t get lost in the messages for hours. Get in. Say what you want. Respond to what needs it. And leave. Now this is much harder to do than it is to say. But this is one of the best was on how to use Twitter effectively.

The list could go on and on. Have some to add to the list? Put them in the comments below and share.

Have fun on Twitter, and learn how to use Twitter effectively.


PS. If you are interested in learning more about how I have been using Twitter effectively for my online business, click here to sign up for Twitter Boot Camp.

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