How Vocal Coach Felicia Ricci Uses Video + Email to Turn Her Passion Into a Thriving Business

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Some people know her as Elphaba, but her subscribers just call her Fel. No matter how you know Felicia Ricci, one thing’s for sure: she’s a vocal coach with a knack for helping singers of all levels find their inner voice.

Felicia’s path to finding her passion was a little different. For starters, her first job out of college was understudy for the lead role of Elphaba Thropp in the musical Wicked. That experience inspired her to write and self-publish a book about it.

“The experience of being in this mega musical was so bizarre to me, and I couldn’t believe that no one had written about it,” she said. “It was fulfilling and rewarding in a lot of ways, but it made me realize I didn’t want to do theater my whole life.”

Around the time Felicia wrote her book, she also began creating videos teaching people how to sing songs from Wicked. That’s when every…

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