Local Leads – They Are Delivered to My Door Daily for Free

Local leads are a critical way to build your business. Even if you are concentrating online. So how do you get them delivered – for free – to your door daily?

Local leads

Chances are this is already happening. Almost every day I open the door and there are several printed pieces cluttering up my entryway. Or I used to think of them as clutter.  Now I think of them as a free gift. A gift of leads.

local leads

You know what I am talking about, There is a card from a tree-trimming service. One for house cleaning. (Can they see inside and think I need that?) And always one from a local realtor.  As I was picking them up and putting them in the trash I was thinking that I should call the company and complain to them about littering.

But now I am calling them up and thanking them. Why?

Because each one is a lead. There is a phone number for me to call and talk to them about my network marketing opportunity. This is the way I look at the glass half-full and not half-empty.

But why are these some of the best leads that I could receive?

  1. The are local. Instead of having to talk to someone on the phone from across the country or across the world, I can actually go and talk to the prospect in person. And I know that is the best way to build conversion.
  2. They are small businesses. These are not ads from large corporations, they are typically from individuals. And I can sell to people. Not companies.
  3. These guys are hustling.  And in a good way. They are paying money to  find local leads and make money so I know they want to be growing their business. So why not offer them a new form of income?
  4. They are looking to grow their business. Yes they are hustling. But are they so overwhelmed with business that they don’t have time for a new opportunity? Probably not.
  5. They understand sales. They have put their telephone number on my porch hoping that I will pick up the phone and call. They might be thinking of a different sort of call, but they will be glad to hear from you.
  6. Practice. I am always looking for ways to practice making selling phone calls. And what is better than a list with a local leads that is completely free.

Will this work for you? How can it not be productive? At the very least you will be getting great practice. And at the best – think positive here – you will be finding new business leaders to join your team.

Take care and look forward to opening that door today.


PS. I have found Sponsoring Secrets to be the absolute best video for learning how to prospect. Click here to check out the free video.

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