Network Marketing: Overcome Your Fear of the Phone Tip #4: Posturing

When you pick up the phone to call your network marketing leads, do you come from a position of strength? To come across as powerful, as someone that the listener will want to join up with as a partner, you have to have the right posture.

Posture – as in sitting up straight in your chair (which is also recommended) – is not what I am describing. It is posturing yourself as the authority. As the one in control of the conversation. And most importantly as someone who has a genuinely valuable offer to make.

First you have to have a product or service that you truly believe in. And hopefully one that you already use yourself with incredible success. If not, you will have a much tougher time setting yourself up as the authority.

But by presenting yourself as someone who is knowledgeable – even more importantly – as successful you will significantly increase your chances of closing the deal.

The single best way to come from a position of power is to realize two things:

  1. You have some of value to offer, and
  2. That you don’t have to make this sale

Do you really need this sale? Who doesn’t want one more customer, or one more business leader joining their team? But if you set yourself up as needing this sale to validate your business and yourself you will come across as desperate. And willing to do anything to close.

The very best network marketers know that they want to make the listener know that they are an important person, and would be valuable to asset to the team. But also to not be afraid to walk away. Even to the point where the listener starts to realize that they may no longer even be allowed to accept the offer.

This is a fine line. And if you practice you will get it right. You want to be welcoming and informative but with the right posture you won’t be desperate and needy. After all who wants to join that person? Would you?

The best way to be able to carry this off – to posture yourself properly – is to have a large source of leads so that in case this one doesn’t work out, another is right there to take their place.

I hope that this starts to get you thinking about how you come across on the phone. I know it has helped me and will help you too.

Good luck picking up the phone and sounding like the authority you know you are.


PS: I have found that by having a large source of leads, my posture on the phone improves. Click here to check out the program I have been using.

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