Network Marketing: Overcome Your Fear of the Phone Tip #6: It’s an Addiction to the Possibility

Is there such a thing as a healthy addiction? In this case the answer might be yes.

The addiction here is to success. Or more specifically, to the feeling of closing the deals.

Feed your addiction

In network marketing there is an incredible amount of rejection. Rejection of the industry, of the products and services, and even of the stereotypical sales person. But on the flip side there is an amazing feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment when you succeed.

The way to get to that feeling of success is to close the deals. And to make sales and to add members to your team, you need to be talking to a lot of people. After all this is a numbers game. But you knew that already.

Any sales person – and a network marketer is a sales person at heart – will be able to describe the rush of closing the deal. Even the smallest of deals will do it. And that feeling is something that we all become addicted to.  In a good way. That makes us talk to that one next person because you never know when it will be the right one. The one that changes your business forever.

You can also be addicted to the possibility. The possibility of talking to someone on your next phone call that says yes. There are going to be a lot more noes out there, but the ones that say yes are the ones that we live for, that we are all searching for. The possibility is what drives us.

So get on the phone, pick it up quickly, practice, set your intentions, posture yourself, don’t be selfish, and become addicted to the possibility. That is the pathway to network marketing success.

Is it guaranteed?  No, Is it going to be easy? Definitely not. But will it be worth it? That is the question that only you can answer. And chances are if you have read this far it is the path that you have already chosen. And will want to continue.

Good luck on your path to success!


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