Overcoming Sales Objections #1: I Don’t Have the Money

How do you overcome sales objections in network marketing? Perhaps the most common one is “I don’t have the money”. What do you say?

Overcoming Sales Objections

First of all in most network marketing opportunities, the cost of starting out is low. Very low when you compare it to most small businesses. So what are the chances that the prospect really does not have the money? Probably pretty small. So overcoming sales objections should not be too hard.

But in their mind, the investment is too much. This is where you start asking a few questions. Try these out:

  1. Are you trying to get in or get out? This will set the tone of the conversation. If the prospect really is trying to get out, let them. Save yourself and them a whole lot of time. Seriously. But make sure that is really their answer. If they are trying to get in, it is solution time. Help them out.
  2. Would the find money for this?  One recent recommendation that I heard makes a lot of sense to me. I show them the keys to my Lexus. I ask them if I offered it to them for $599 would they be able to find the money? You know their answer. Of course they would. Now am I really offering them this type of car for such a sweet deal? No way. But I am offering them the opportunity to earn enough money for their own Lexus. Where do they think mine came from? There are several variations on this question. But position it that you are offering something that is so much more valuable than what you are asking that they go for it. Right away.
  3. Let’s fix that problem. When overcoming sales objections, if they are always short of cash, let them know you can fix that. Not with a get-rich-quick scheme. But with a legitimate program where by working hard they can earn their way out. Give them hope. But emphasize the hard work aspect. Be truthful.

In overcoming sales objections, their will be more. But this one is a key hurdle to get over. Then you are on your way.

Make sense on overcoming sales objections? I hope so. Leave your comments below if you think it is something that would work for you.

Have a great week in your business!


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