Periscope Video Streaming: 5 People I Learned From This Week

Periscope Video Streaming

5 People I Learned From On Periscope This Week

I have been watching a lot of Periscope Video Streaming broadcasts. And doing a few myself. I am learning all the time.

The people I like learn the most from are ones that are truly using video broadcasting media in a way they can’t on regular video.

Here are my top 5 for this week from watching Periscope video streaming (in no particular order)

  1. Rosalie Tenseth – @rosalietenseth: Rosalie is in the entertainment industry and she was talking to writers. In particular she was asking what was holding people back from writing. She was an expert on drawing people out and answering their questions. Helping them along.The most important thing I learned from Rosalie: You can use Periscope as a sounding board for your ideas.
  2. Chris Sacca – @sacca: Chris Sacca is one of the big time investors in Silicon Valley. It is interesting to hear his view from the top. The very top. You can tell that he is a positive force in his businesses. And I could learn somethings from the inside. In the time that I worked up in that industry, I can to realize that it is led – for the most part – by smart people interested in doing big things.The most important thing I learned from Chris was that people should use their opportunity in their education to become as well-rounded as possible.
  3. Bear Bangs – @bearbangs:  Bear was on a couple of Periscope broadcasts that I heard today. He does a lot of them. And he comes across as very authentic, Very genuine. No shouting and emoticon explosions from him. And I liked that.The two things I learned from Bear (his real name) is to be yourself and to be persistent.
  4. Eddie Harvey – @eddieharvey: Eddie is in network marketing. And I will guess he is really successful at it. The broadcast I saw was him sitting in his car calling his leads. You can go to a ton of webinars and buy a lot of courses to teach you this stuff (spending a lot of money doing it). Or you can just watch him on the phone on Wednesdays. Great stuff. Really.The most important thing I learned from Eddie was – if you are in network marketing – is to get on the phone. You will probably not be that good at first. But you have to do it. Practice makes a pro. Eddie is a pro.
  5. Potential Business Partner:  I have been thinking about doing a project based on the Periscope platform. And have been looking for people to work with. And I found someone that will be a good fit. But because I was able to see him in action, I could tell he was good.The most important thing I learned was to have a plan. And go for it.

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