Personal Branding Video – Why It Is Important

Personal branding video. That is the single, most important type of media that you can put online to show your personality.

Personal Branding Video

Building a personal brand online is important to your network marketing business. People buy from people they know, like, and trust. And how can you build that online relationship without people seeing you and hearing you speak? It would be tough, if not impossible.

Paint Pictures and Tell Stories

You want to use images and personal branding video to paint pictures and tell stories. An average person produces words and conversation. A successful person paint pictures and revelations. By using video you can paint a much more vivid and interesting story than just by writing. No matter how good of a writer you might be. Just as an example, the video on this post allows me to give the same information as in the written text; but chances are you looked at the video first. Am I right?

Video Builds Authority

Online authority is priceless. And hard to develop. You want your audience to know that you know more than they do about a given subject. Otherwise why would they listen? A well crafted set of videos can tell stories that show you in action, and you can demonstrate the kind of person you would be like to work with – online or off-line. That is the power of personal branding video.

Video Show Personality

Everyone has a personality. And chances are yours is a good one to project. So why not make the highest impact? Get in front of the camera and let people really see who you are. Starting out the videos might not be that great. In fact mine were pretty awful. But over time I learned how to improve them. Both in production quality and delivery. The real solution here is to practice. Practice a lot. That is the only way to improve. And also look at your videos and learn what you can do to make the next one better.

Leaders Do It

Name one real industry leader in the network marketing world that does not use video. I bet you can’t do it. Why are they leaders? Chances are because you feel like you know them from their online videos. They know how to use personal branding video. You can relate and learn from them. And you want to follow them. And do what they do.

Online personality is unbelievably important to building your brand. If you already have a video channel, good job. And if you are waiting, get started now. Today. I know it has been great for my online business. And I know it can be for you too.

Have fun in the spotlight!


PS: Everyone can use some help on video production and marketing. I know I do. The best course ever that I have found is Tube Traffic Mojo. Go check it out. You won’t be sorry.


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