[Podcast] Episode 006: How do I best use email templates?

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And we’re back with another episode of the Ask Me About Email Marketing podcast!

This week’s question comes from a blog reader’s comment on our podcast announcement post.

Eliseo asked a great question about email templates. Specifically, Eliseo writes that he knows he needs to use email templates, but he’s unsure how to master them. Where can one go to learn more about email templates, and maximize the value of using them?

To answer the question, I’ve recruited Mike Smith, a visual designer at AWeber.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

Who should use a pre-designed template, and who shouldn’t
What elements to adjust, or tweak when working with a template
How to test your emails, especially when using templates
Where to get inspiration, advice, and actual templates for your email marketing campaigns

Listen below to hear Mike’s response.

Here are a few notable links from the show:


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