What Resources & Tools do I personally use in my Business in my Online Business?

I get asked this question all the time from my fans so I put this page together to let you know what I use.

I have been in online marketing for years. I have tried out a lot of different programs and tools. Some were good, some were great, and some were just not what I expected. These are the ones that I can personally recommend.

They have worked for me and I know they can work for you!

Twitter Marketing:

Twitter Boot Camp

Twitter Boot Camp – Sign up today for my 5-Day Twitter Boot Camp: a video series teaching you how to use Twitter to explode your online business! Let me show you how it works for me…I know it can work for you too:  Learn more at:



Twitter Boot Camp II – If you have completed Twitter BootCamp  – congratulations! But there is so much more that Twitter can do. Boot Camp just covered the basics. Now you can take it to the next level with Twitter Boot Camp II.  Learn more at:


 Online Marketing and Business Building Tools



MyLeadSystemPro – MLSP – is an incredible lead generation program. There is training and tools that can help you find leads for any MLM or network marketing program you promote.  The latest offer is a 10 Day Trial of MLSP University for $10 of MLSP. I recommend that you check it out and you will know in the trial period if it is right for you. Click here to learn more now.



Instabizbuilder – Instagram is becoming one of the top sources of leads for online businesses. But it can be tough to figure out how to make it work. This program will show you how to do it – by building up your followers and then converting. This is the latest MLSP training program that works for me. Check it out here.



Tube Traffic Mojo – This program will show you how to build a business on YouTube. I have learned how important it is to have online videos to build a personal brand. And using this system I learned how to acquire leads and customers using YouTube. You can’t be successful without video. Learn more here.




Weekly Webinars – Each Wednesday MLSP hosts a webinar with an industry leader. This is a free training session where I have learned so many things that have helped my business. I know it sounds like hype but I always wonder why they give this away for free. Check out what is happening this week.



Online Tools

GoDaddy Web Hosting is the place I use for all of my hosting and domains. I have been with them for many years and have had great experiences. I especially like their customer service. I am not the most technical person and they have been able to help me out with every problem. And WordPress is free with any hosting package. Highly recommended. Be Where your Customers are – $1/mo hosting from GoDaddy!


Email Marketing $19/Month!

AWeber is the autoresponder email program I use. As I continually build my email marketing list AWeber manages the list and sending out the emails. The followup email program and the number of email signup widgets make this one of the best programs out there. Click here to learn more.



WebinarsOnAir – This is probably my favorite tool. It allows me to set up a webinar using Google Hangouts. It sends out the email reminders and adds people to my email list. It has all of the basic tools for my webinars so that I can look good. And because it uses Google Hangouts, the video recording is automatically shows up on YouTube. If you want to take your online business to the next level – and really look like a pro – start using webinars. Click here for more info.



Network Marketing


Shaklee – the #1 Natural Nutrition Supplement company in the United States. Shaklee helps people transform their lives by taking small, simple steps that lead to big results. By making better products that are worth sharing, we create a healthier planet and brighter future for all. Little by little, one by one, we change the world. Click here to learn more.




My Favorite Books

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