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Most Fans on Facebook

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Who has the most fans on Facebook?

It probably isn’t you or me. But it is interesting to see who has the most fans on Facebook.

Right now the top 5 are all celebrities or brands:

Shakira – 100 million fans

Cristano Ronaldo – 92 million fans

Eminem – 92 million fans

Rihanna – 89 million fans

Coca Cola – 86 million fans

YouTube – 82 million fans

Vin Diesel – 81 million fans

Michael Jackson – 77 million fans

The Simpsons – 74 million fans

Harry Potter – 72 million fans

These are some amazing numbers. And it changes all of the time.

Check out fanpagelist.com for the latest updates. So you will know who has the most fans on Facebook.

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