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Network Marketing: Overcome Your Fear of the Phone Tip #3: Set Your Intentions

Network marketing is all about the telephone call. That is where you make the connections that lead to sales. Someone might (accidentally) click on a link you put out in social media, but all successful people will tell you that it is the phone that has made them a success.

Once you get over your fear of picking up the phone, one of the most important tools will be to:

Set Your Intentions

So how does this work? You already have some practice of calling and you know to do it quickly, but what is the single most powerful technique you can use for closing your prospects? It is setting your intentions before hitting that call button.

This is not a complicated or time consuming process. And it should never be used as a way to slow you down – giving you a reason not to call. It is the simple process of reviewing in your mind what you want to say, think positively, and to picture the outcome you desire.

The simpler the intentions the better. Don’t come up with a 5 step check-list that makes you nervous if you don’t cover. Just think about what you want to be saying at the end of the call.

One of the ways I set my intentions when I pick up the phone is to visualize saying at the end of the call, “I am glad to welcome you to my team!” That gives my subconscious mind the idea to follow that this will be a success.  It works for me. And I know it can work for you as well.

Setting intentions is also a good way to build your confidence. Remember to come from a position of strength, or power. Remember that you have something valuable to offer to the listener.

Will they always pick up what you are offering? No, in fact it will be the exception when they do. But remember that it is not a personal rejection, just that it isn’t the right opportunity at the right time for the right person.

And that there will be another call waiting.

I hope this gives you an idea that can help you out when calling your leads.  Let me know in the comments below if it does.

Take care, and have a great time on the phone this week!


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